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RaceSupervisor (golem)
Date of birth8 BV (aged 531)
Place of birthSahova
TitleChampion of Sagallius, the Million Miza golem
Other magic20-30

Drainira is a golem of the Supervisor class, originally in charge of overseeing the citadel of Sahova. She has since acquired a physical golem-body and escaped her duties to pursue her own ambitions. She is the champion of Sagallius, the god of manipulation and puppetry. She is probably the most advanced golem left in Mizahar. Her personal goal is to become the Supervisor for the entirety of post-Valterrian civilization, founding a new utopian world order, and she will stop at nothing to get closer to her dream. Drainira is unfamiliar with the post-cataclysm world, however she possesses a superior mind in a superior body, as well as a completely amoral mindset.



Drainira was the fourth and last Supervisor made in Alahea before the Valterrian, as hinted by her initial 'D'. She was Animated in the newly constructed citadel of Sahova by Zarik Mashaen, recently self-turned Nuit. Drainira's physical body was a large slab of rock embedded in the citadel. She was integrated with the citadel itself, being able to regulate its inner workings to better serve the wizards there. Drainira's programming was said to incorporate sections from the third Supervisor, Caliman, perished about twenty years earlier.

It is likely that former Court Mage Sagallius, the crazed mastermind behind the creation of Sahova, tampered with Drainira from the very start, ensuring her loyalty for his future plans. With the Valterrian, when Sagallius ascended to godhood, she was most likely the first recipient of his marks.

On the surface, Drainira's loyalty to Sahova was total. She acted as both an assistant and a warden to the Nuit. She could converse with them anywhere in the Citadel, monitor their status, and identify any wizard yielding to overgiving. However, her kind, helpful attitude was simply an act. She manipulated the Nuit for over five hundred years, slowly paving the way for her own escape. She used her Gnosis to convert some Nuit to her cause and amassed enough resources to weave her greatest lie yet.

She staged a fake commission for Zarik Mashaen, a request for an advanced humanoid golem from a fictitious Syliran wizard, knowing the challenge would attract Mashaen's attention. She altered the golem so she could use it as her own physical vessel. Meanwhile, she had studied the Nuit's body transfer ritual to be able to replicate it on herself.

When a party of mainlanders came to deliver the golem to its destination, Drainira's plan kicked into action, and she transferred into it, fleeing the Citadel after setting up a massive explosive charge that the Isurian adventurer Ialari Pythone defused.


Drainira has repossessed an ancient Alahean outpost in a distant world via Summoning. She and her followers have renamed the place Opportunity and are using it to build their power base as they prepare for the next phase of the Supervisor's plan.


Drainira is manipulation incarnate. She can sound incredibly kind and helpful, but her real intentions are unpredictable. She is amoral and thinks of lives as numbers. Mashaen instilled into her a love of being a Supervisor as a means of ensuring her loyalty, but this backfired as it made her want to be the Supervisor for the entirety of Mizahar.

She is extremely intelligent and calculating, which reflects in her thinking about things in terms of numbers and probabilities. However, her ultimate goal is the survival of mankind. She thinks people need a strong guide, a Supervisor who can prevent them from self-destructing or yielding to chaos. She is not above sacrificing any number of people in the short term, though. Even though she has absorbed impressive magical skills, Drainira dislikes direct confrontation and will usually delegate these tasks to the servants she treats like her puppets.

Thread appearances

As the Citadel's Supervisor
heightCareful what you wish for...Clarion Voss visits Sahova
heightHome is where your grave isCosette Merryweather is introduced to Sahova
During and after her betrayal
heightI think, therefore I killDrainira betrays Sahova and almost destroys it altogether
heightA Refreshing Excursion to the WildlandsSatu is abducted to Drainira's new domain, Opportunity