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Sylindra Ru'vin

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Sylindra Ru'vin

The Mad Teacher
Date of birth479 AV (aged 41)
Place of birthZeltiva
TitleInstructor at the Institute of Higher Learning
Reimancy (Air, Water, Earth)65
Gnosis marks

Sylindra was not actually born in Ravok, nor was she originally a follower of Rhysol. She was taught magic by her father, who was a student at the University in Zeltiva. It was her initiation into Reimancy that eventually drove her mad. She never quite recovered from the traumatizing experience, and though she hid it well, she slowly went insane. Sylindra eventually killed her father, earning the attention of Krysus and gaining her mark. Now forced to inflict further pain on others, Sylindra went more and more mad.

It was her madness, in fact, that would eventually bring her to Ravok. Sylindra had heard of the Voice, demi-goddess of mental disorders, and wanted to learn more about her. She traveled to Ravok and quickly caught the woman's attention, though she was far too unstable to join the Ebonstryfe or The Black Sun. Still, she served the Voice and even earned the favor of Rhysol, gaining his mark as well. The Voice taught her how to manage her madness, and so Sylindra is eternally grateful to her.

Sylindra now serves as a teacher at the Institute of Higher Learning. Her initiations into Reimancy are some of the worst experiences a young wizard can experience, though her teaching methods are apparently incredibly effective. She also teaches Leeching and has been known to encourage the practice in her Reimancy students as well.

Sylindra is an unpredictable teacher, incredibly cruel at times and overly flirtatious at others. Her male students are often the subject of her desires, and few men have withstood her charms.