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Talora's Ethaefal form in Summer.
Date of birth0 AV (aged 523)
TitleCo-Ruler of Lhavit
Gnosis marks


Legend among the Lhavitian people claim Talora to have supposedly been the very first Ethaefal to slip through the cracks of Syna's damaged abode. She arrived on the shores of Mizahar naïve and scared, and when Syna appeared to her after what felt like an eternity wandering aimlessly, she expected her goddess to aid her, to bring her back to her celestial home. Instead, Syna instructed her to guide a lost tribe in Kalea to safety among the newly formed Misty Peaks. Anxious at first, she slowly gained confidence upon seeing how much the people relied on her, how they blindly trusted her simply because she was a divine beauty sent by a goddess.

Working with Aysel, however, was a difficult task. He constantly berated her for being too soft and gentle, the worst about his negative comments being that he was often right. Talora would always choose that which brought the least harm to her people, but these solutions offered only short term release before coming back down on the fragile civilization harder. As a result of the many clumsy decisions made during the beginning of Talora's reign, the Ethaefal learned to heed even the advice of the cynical Aysel, and that sometimes she had to do things she didn't like for the ultimate good of the people she so loved.


While Aysel receives respect and admiration from the population, Talora is on the receiving end of an enormous amount of love and devotion from her people. This is because she has an endless reserve of love to give, a virtue that has proved to also be a flaw in her lifetime. Even after 500 years of existence, the hopeful Ethaefal still has a heavy heart when making the more grim, realistic decisions needed to keep the city on its feet. Which isn't to say that she hasn't learned, for she can be commanding and stern when she needs to be.


Talora is almost a sun on her own when in her Ethaefal form, skin glowing with highlights of gold and shades of rose, her hair falling in waves down past her shoulders. Her horns are delicate in appearance, moving horizontally along her head like a celestial hair ornament, with locks often caught gracefully among their curves and angles. She often wears subtle floral patterns on her dresses, though she never allows herself to be extravagant in her choice of clothing.

During the hours of night, Talora is reduced to the form of a doe-eyed girl of short, pale blonde hair. She looks as though she is barely out of her teenage years, freckled and imperfect. Even in this lesser form, Talora has garnered love by spending the night tending to the fluorescent gardens around the city, always helping those she passes without hesitation.