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The Kasai-Dala Mirror

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Image:Scroll2.png “Life never turns out the way you’d like, so why not live it in a perfect illusion?”
- Drysalla Everheart, Former owner of the Kasai-Dala Mirror

The Kasai-Dala Mirror is a divine artifact created by Ionu that grants the wishes of its users.

This unsuspecting hand mirror cast and crafted in brass shows its apparent age. Having lost the luster it had when it was first fashioned the mirror seems to only be in a shadow of its former glory. Although aged its power has not wavered. Possessing the ability to grant one wish, as long as it’s within the mirrors power, elaborate stories have been woven about the object thinning the line between reality and fiction. Though it would seem the wisher would be happy the mirror has a dark legacy of causing more pain and suffering than fulfilling dreams. What is one wish worth to you?



The mirror’s origins are as mysterious as the being that it is marked by. Granted tremendous power by Ionu the mirror has acquired quite a legacy for itself in Alvadas. The object finding its ways into folk tales of fame and fortune, whispers of a power that can grant any wish, though the rumors left out a dark detail: the price of a wish granted. Shrouded in illusion, hidden away by the very city that it appeared in, the mirror had a short existence in the hands of a human worshipper, Drysalla Everheart.

The story goes that Drysalla was once a beautiful maiden sought after by everyone who set eyes on her. She was, in a word, enchanting. Some would say flawless. Her movements graceful, she had the attention of everyone she passed, and with that attention she felt loved. She would revel in the glory that her looks earned.

Though she wasn’t always like that, beautiful. No, Drysalla was once nothing more than a street performer from others. As a person who had no one to look after her, parents having died or abandoned her early on, she grew up fast. Though independent she had her insecurities, her flaws, her own nature and she hated it. Every day she wished she could have just a little more out of life. Performing on the streets wasn’t what this girl wanted. No, she wanted to be beautiful and rich, sought after, but most of all loved.

This desire seemed to drag into her profession, her adoring the cheers of those who bothered to watch, and loving the gold that was dropped into the hat on the streets of Alvadas. Though her she wasn’t happy preforming it brought her what she craved, attention, miza, and smiles. It was after one such performance that she found an odd note in that hat of hers. The exact wording of the note varies from story to story but in each version it held congratulations, instructions, and a warning.

Following the instructions Drysalla soon found herself in a part of Alvadas that was unfamiliar. She recognized none of the shops. Though Alvadas had a knack for changing one could at least recognize some of the buildings from the warped streets. It was odd, and although she had no idea why the mysterious note congratulated, but it promised to change her life, and this was something she was not going to pass up.

It was there, among the unknown and unwittingly warped side of the city she stumbled upon the mirror as of accident. She saw a glimmer and upon investigation she found the mirror just laying there abandoned. Somehow she knew it was placed for her because the note she obtained told her that she would find it. Reaching for the mirror she saw in its reflection a raven fleeing the scene. Upon touching the mirror she heard “State your wish, and it shall be granted.” It was then she was granted beauty.

Though not everything ended happily. At first her wish seemed to turn out perfectly, she had everyone’s attention and she was loving it, but it soon grew darker. People started fighting over her, murders happening, until one faithful day Drysalla herself was murdered because if the man ‘couldn’t have her. No one can’.

The mirror has a lot of other similar stories behind it, but Drysalla's was the first. She was the first keeper and user of the mirrors powers.

Some say the mirror is a cursed object, doing more harm than good. Others claim that the mirror has a higher purpose, a reasoning behind it, that only a being as complex as Ionu can ever hope to comprehend. The mirror was justly named ‘hope-changing’ because once someone wishes for something they might realize appreciation for what they had compared to what had gained from the mirror. With every wish it grants the legacy of sorrow continues, prompting it to be hidden away within the city which gave birth to it.

History- Upon a Star

Recently, in Winter of 512 AV, the Kasai-dala Mirror was discovered and recovered by the Triad. The Artifact is now locked securely away under the Triads guard.


The Kasai-Dala Mirror has the ability to grant one wish to a PC under the circumstances that the wish cannot undermine or change the mirrors original functions. The mirrors ability to grant wishes seems limited by one wish per person. In order to grant a wish the wisher must look into the mirror and state his or her desire after verbally confirming that they accept everything that comes with the wish. “Everything” meaning the mirrors price for granting the wish, the threefold drawback to having the thing one desire’s most.

1: One wish per person

2: Threefold consequence for the wisher

3: Cannot grant the same wish twice

4: The mirror draws on Ionus power of warping reality to grant the wish

5: Cannot change the past


Kasai-dala Mirror's Appearances
Upon a StarWish I may, wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight? Alvadas soon turns even more chaotic after legendary persons of the city start appearing.