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The Kelvics of Kalea

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The Kelvics of Kalea
An In Depth Look At The Nature of Kelvics and Their Bonds.

A treatise on Marcus Kelvic’s Work
Full titleThe Kelvics of Kalea
AuthorKlien Valinsti
Year published500 AV (23 years ago)
AvailabilityLhavit : The Bharani Library
Average costN/A - 4 Copies Exist
Word count~20,000
LanguageCommon, Lhavitian

The Kelvics of Kalea is a small essay style text wherein the author shares with the public his research into Marcus Kelvic and the creation of the Kelvic race. There are two main revelations in this text. The first is that the kelvic race came from a summonable creature called a Vkantis. The second revelation is that Marcus used a lost discipline of magic involving blood and bindings called Talivantu to do so. The text generally outlines the types of bonds kelvics can have, how they evolved over time, general behavior, and does a great deal of speculating on the nature of both Marcus Kelvic, his creations, and his reasoning behind doing so. This text also talks extensively about Ironrock, Marcus Kelvics home, and the legends surrounding this stone fortress. Exceedingly rare, this text has only four copies known. One is borrowable from the Bharani Library in Lhavit, where they keep a second and third copy both in Lhavitian and Common. The author retains the original text and is said to still be researching the kelvics due to the fact his children manifested a hidden kelvic factor and were born a crow and wolf kelvic respectively.


  • Introduction & History
  • The Nature of Kelvics
  • Types of Kelvic Bonds
  • Reproduction
  • Manifestation
  • Intelligence
  • Future Evolution

Additional Information

Kelvics are far more prominent in Kalea than elsewhere. It is likely that Klien Valinsti wasn't well traveled enough to understand that the Kelvics have migrated worldwide as his book seemst to imply that they are simply only a Kalean phenomenon. However, within Kalea where the legends of Ironrock still linger, this text is popularly taken as complete and utter truth and the best authority out there on the nature of kelvics.