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The Slayer of Gods

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This rather mundane looking shortsword is absent of any flashy designs, engravings, or other fancy adornments that would otherwise lead one to believe that it is or once was a weapon capable of slaying an actual god.

The blade of the sword was forged from a small piece of a far larger, giant-sized sword of epic proportions that was used ages ago when the gods openly fought over the domination of the protohumans; the ancient ancestors of Mizahar’s present day humans. That sword, like other potent, dangerous artifacts throughout history, was shattered by a select few gods, its pieces flung across time and space. This one particular piece found itself reforged into a rather plain looking weapon of little note.

While the power to slay a god is long gone, the sword does retain an echo of greatness in the ability to harm otherwise immortal creatures that could otherwise not be hurt by mortal weapons. Certain undead, ghosts and even Alvina and Rhysol’s Druvin can suffer a single wound within a scene from the blade as if they were mortal creatures. Any wounds must be rolled for in Discord to be considered legitimate.

Although the sword does not grant the wielder the ability to kill an immortal creature outright, it does even the playing field a bit.

Once obtained, it cannot be given away or sold; doing so will cause it to lose all powers and abilities.


Slayer of Gods
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