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The Tiger Eyed

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Image:Scroll2.png "A tiger's best weapon is their eyes. They lock onto their prey, freeze them in their tracks, convince the victim that they're dead before they actually are. Let us be like the tiger's eyes."
- Motto of the Tiger Eyed warriors



The Tiger Eyed Clan had been around since the time of Myri's children, founded by the Goddesses' second daughter, Tika. The clan was fairly large, boasting about three-hundred members scattered across the various professions and duties of Taloba.

There are many theories and stories as to how this clan came about its name, all told often over the campfires by Myrians. One popular story is that Tika was once an excellent tiger-rider long ago, and when her beloved tiger passed away, she took out one of her own eyes and replaced it with one of her deceased's tigers eyes (which many believe is possible since Tika was the daughter of a goddess). Another of the theories also involve Tika, but instead of swapping an eyes with a tigers, some people believe Tika had a stare that had the ferocity and strength that the eyes of a tiger had. Finally, some believe that the name came about following an incident between a trio of sisters and some newly-arrived explorers from Kalea. The story goes that while the explorers were rummaging through the Jungle, the sisters stalked them in the underbrush. When the explorers finally realize they were being "hunted," they all look around; one of the explorers spots eyes in the brush, staring out at them, sending them all in a frenzy, running back to their ships yelling "Tiger! Tiger in the bush."

All of these, and more, are stories behind the clan. What do the actual clan members have to say to this? A little nod, a little "its possible," and a lot of silence.


All through history, members of the Tiger Eyed clan were known for their military-prowess. Many members of the clan serve more than the required three years in the Taloba Military, mainly as scouts and front-line soldiers. Some of the most skillful members of the clan have also risen to the position of tiger-riders in the army, a high position in the eyes of the clan members. Certain members of the clan have also proven their ability at government positions, multiple women of the clan serving on the Council of Nine in recent history. Despite their involvement in the military, originality is encouraged; therefore, one might find a member of the Tiger Eyed clan in many of the professions common in Taloba.

Clan Markings

One unique trait of clan members is the tattoo that many of the young warriors get. True to their name, some of the clansmen get a single tiger eye tattooed on their forehead. There is no restriction to who can get the tattoo in the clan, so one might see a warrior walking around the tattoo visible, and then turn to see a tattoo artist with the same tattoo.

Members of the Tiger Eyed clan are fervent worshipers of Myri, since the founder of their clan is a daughter of the goddess. Members of this clan also worship Navre, God of Cats, who gave to them their namesake beast.

Known Members

Tiger Eyed NPCs
RahiSpy Mistress on the Council of Nine