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Sitting at her desk at Scout's Roost, her various tattoos telling the story of her military days, Rahi of the Tiger Eyed looks like a true Myrian warrior. Having been a prominent fang leader and tiger-rider in her younger years, Rahi boasts the scars common among the experienced members of the Taloba military. She would probably still be there, too, had her mother forfeited her position as Spy Mistress in the year of 500 AV. Thus, Rahi had to trade her machete for a pen and a patrol in the Jungle with a patrol among the secrets of Taloba and the world beyond.

Rahi runs the Scout's Roost like she led her fang: with an iron fist. She has worked hard to attain this position, and in addition to her title as Spy Mistress is also one of the Atasan's that oversees the Taloban Army as a whole, ruling over the Mengintai branch. She has a vast spy network that has its roots dug deep in Taloba, but brings her information from the whole of Falyndar, and her knowledge of the Jungle Wilds and Taloba is second only to Myri herself. Some of the brave (or stupid) say Rahi is actually whispering in the Goddesses ear, as if the goddess couldn't even learn things on her own. None of this is said within her hearing, though, because if Rahi heard such lies, she may just prove to everyone that despite her age, she can still handle her weapons better than most in the army today.


Rahi of the Tiger Eyed
Date of birth466 AV (aged 57)
Place of birthTaloba
TitleSpy Mistress, Atasan, and Overseer of Scout's Roost
Gnosis marks



Rahi was a shining example of what a Myrian child could be. She was not the oldest daughter from her mother's line, but from an early age she showed the drive and strength to bring herself to the top, even among the ranks of the Tiger Eyed clan which hold themselves in such high regards due to their parentage. Rahi's mother, Lihka, was Spy Mistress of Scout's Roost before her, and a quick witted and skilled individual, yet as Rahi grew, she could see the strain the position placed on her mother, and already began entertaining ideas to replace her.

The Tiger Eyed already had all of the skills the Mengintai strove for even as a lowly Rekrut. She was no expert in stealth, but she was an artist when it came to gathering information from every fang she encountered. Where other Rekruts trained their minds and bodies, Rahi honed her mind and the intelligence of the city. Her combat skills were nothing to scoff at and she easily rose to be a Tokoh of the Mengintai, and barely a year later received her first tiger as a Panglima. Rahi knew that she was not guaranteed to succeed her mother threw her blood alone, but slowly assured her own success by eliminating the choice of anyone but her for the position of Spy Mistress. Over the decades she began to amass a spy network that rivaled her mother's own, working directly beneath her as a Kepala, and when the day came to challenge her mother, Lihka respectfully stepped down, realizing proudly, that her daughter had surpassed her skills.

Now Rahi serves as head of the orginization and information flooding through Taloba on a daily basis. She often reports directly to Myri, or to her fellows on the Council of Nine. She conducts her position with calculating intelligence and the utmost organization.

Physical Appearance

Like most Myrian women, Rahi has aged well. Her supple tan skin boasts numerous scars, and though her arms are lean of tattoos, those who are lucky enough to glimpse her bare back are able to see a tapestry of masterful tattoo work that details her life and exploits, reaching down from the nape of her neck all the way tot he base of her spine. Her wavy mahogany hair is normally kept in intricate braids and stowed away at the back of her head, but if ever training in the yards or testing the mettle of her scouts, Rahi enjoys letting her locks run wilds, creating a blue of hair around her face when fighting opponents.


Rahi often seems cold and distant to those far bellow her, but those closer to her as are her highest informants like Naekasi or those on the Council, realize this distance is merely a powerful woman focused on her duties. If she ever has time for a drink or a moment to relax, one would see a few creases ease from her face, and perhaps even the ghost of a smile. Her work is involved and never ending, but Rahi loves her job more than anything else, and would never give it up unless Myri herself asked her to do such a thing, a request she knows will only come when she is too weak and feeble to carry on.


Rahi is utterly devoted to the cause that is Myri. She has a high respect for many of the dieties in the wide pantheon of worship the Myrians intone, but over the years her and the Goddess Queen have formed a close relationship, which has only strengthened Rahi's fervor to the mother of Myrians.