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The Watch

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We are united and strong.
To some The Watch are considered the sentinels of Cyphrus. However, they are so much more. Located on the Sea of Grass, the Watch dedicates their life to ensuring the comprehensive safety of the Drykas people as a whole. The Watch maintains the webbings throughout the Sea of Grass, building cairns and making sure the network of protection throughout the region is always intact. The proud members are the hand picked elite from among all the Drykas clans. With skilled use of Webbing, these fierce warriors will outfight, out-think, or out-ride any threat to them, their people, or their way of life.


The dangers of the Sea of Grass and Cyphrus were apparent from the very beginning once the storm clouds of the Valterrian cleared and the fires ceased. The Drykas remained underground for more than two hundred years while the land above them changed and tempests’ raged. Within that time, the whole of the survival of their people and their herds depended upon those that sheltered in Semele’s body to maintain law, order, and peace. The first Watch were the people who saw the Drykas through the confinements. They were the peacekeepers, the law makers, and the bringers of justice.

And when they emerged from the caves, the Drykas of the Watch continued on with their duties. They were very needed because the world they once knew was forever changed. Endless grasslands full of the unknown lay before them. They were challenged with forging a new life from the wreckage of a world destroyed by Ivak’s rage, and with their pride, all for one attitude, and powerful Striders, they set out to do so. They couldn’t, however, have predicted just what they were going to face.

Mizahar was a dark place, warped by powerful magic as well as by the desire of other races and beings to carve out their own spot in this new and scary world. Though the Drykas worked together and fought to build their new home, it was quickly becoming necessary for them to come up with a system, a defense against that which would kill or enslave them. Things had changed so drastically for them. The herds that had thrived underground due to Semele’s blessings were once more released upon the vast Sea of Grass and in that moment the Drykas understood things had changed forever.

Both men and women are accepted into the Watch.

For one, the Drykas were sedentary people, once residing in a valley on the eastern sea coast. Now, however, they found themselves with herds of livestock, horses, and people that took its toll on the tall grass and couldn’t remain in one place long without depleting the resources and starving. A new way of living had to be invented, a mobile one, that kept the herds on the move in a natural way and made the people vulnerable because of their mobile migratory existence.

Even the dangers the Drykas faced were different. They emerged to the newly born Zith. There were Glassbeaks, super predators they’d never seen anything like. Countless numbers of dangerous creatures roamed the newly formed Sea of Grass. Sometimes, the Drykas could fight them off, but if the numbers were too great or the danger too powerful, the Drykas were often overrun. So they bent and twisted their powerful webbing to a new use. The Drykas started laying down webbing, training new webbers, and tailoring the web to be an early warning system, not just the traditional communications and tracking system it used to be.

Tzarrik Rainstone, Ankal of his pavilion, was the driving force behind the rise of The Watch and the change – or more accurately stated – the evolution of webbing as a magic.

Committed and driven to ensuring his people were safe, Tzarrik lobbied first with prominent members of his clan, and then as he gained support, moved to other clans, other people with clout, and quickly had the backing he needed. It took promises, trades, engagements, and marriages, but eventually a vast majority of the leaders were of like mind. As a result, there was little resistance and Ankal Rainstone was able to hastily put his plan into action. Rather than rely on each pavilion, or each clan individually to provide protection for Endrykas, they would come together and given an open call for members of all clans, regardless of status or gender, to step forward and become guardians of the horseclans. Skill with riding, with a weapon, and having earned your Windmarks were the initial requirements. But as The Watch evolved, webbing became a must.

With the formation of centralized defenders, they were able to provide new recruits with training, have the overall numbers to patrol and protect Endrykas, as well as give over watch as the web was laid. It was imperfect at first, as tactics for replying to certain attacks and perils were developed and implemented, but as time passed and mistakes were made and learned from, the process became more solid and reliable force was finally in place. The people of Endrykas were able to rest easy knowing that they had guardians watching over them, flowing through the web to ensure they were safe.

Now the Cyphrus Watch member are considered the elite of the Drykas. They are the best of the best, most talented of the Pavilions and often times the smartest of their generations. Many Ankal come from their numbers, serving The Watch in their youth and returning home as their previous Ankals retire.


The Watch is concerned with one thing and one thing only: preserving the Drykas way of life. By riding swiftly and with purpose the members of the Watch respond quickly to anything which could potentially threaten their lifestyle. While ensuring the safety of the people by riding patrols and scouring the Web is a primary function, the Watch also lends its services in many other ways. Life in the Sea of Grass is hard and so are the tasks associated with everyday life. The men and women of the Watch are a constant presence in the city and are approached for their aide in all manner of things. A watchman may end up spending his day tracking down stray livestock or assisting in the birth of a child. It's also a common sight to witness the Watch helping distribute water and food. One may even find a group of watchmen settling a dispute between neighbors. There are no limits to the job and it is one held in the highest regard. The Watch dedicate their lives to ensure that Endrykas is safe and that all of their fellow Drykas are taken care of. Whether this comes in the form of fighting off some kind of threat or helping an overwhelmed mother get her wares to the market, the Watch has it covered.

To be in the Watch is a great honor. Watchmen are to exemplify all that is good in the harsh world of Mizahar. Strength, patience, discernment, fortitude, selflessness, wisdom and temperance are all words that could be used to describe the members. Corruption and weakness are human traits but if discovered among their the ranks, the Watch will pull these unsavory aspects out by the roots and cast them into a righteous fire. One has to be willing to give everything for the Drykas people. That is the only way to truly serve.

Be brave. Be fast. Be ready.


The Watch is separated into five distinct ranks: Sayeth, Rayvekh, Yakhtai, Tavehk, and Ra’athi.

Sayeth – Means “Shepard”. The Sayeth is the highest position in The Watch and supreme authority on how the members are utilized. Extensive experience and strong leadership qualities are required of any holding this position. They are responsible for distribution of pay and securing funds, which come from the various clans in the form of donation. In the event of a full blown attack on Endrykas, the Sayeth would be responsible for organizing the city in defense, though much responsibility is delegated to other high ranking members. Their word is final in all Watch matters. When selected for the job, it is held until the health of the leader makes them no longer able to perform duties. A new Sayeth is elected by the Rayvekh with a simple majority vote once an old Sayeth steps down or is dead. There are no laws in place denying a female the post, but to this date none have been able to claim it. The current Sayeth is Cyrus Windreaver.

Wage: 40 GM/day

Rayvekh – Means “To Ride Point”. The Rayvekh are experienced and skilled members of The Watch. Those who have risen to this rank have not only honed their skill sets to be skilled riders and webbers, but have established themselves as respected leaders who have forged their reputation in the Sea of Grass. They take the responsibilities given to them by Sayeth and execute them to the fullest of their ability. Responsibilities include leading reaction teams, training Yakhtai and Tavehk, or take particularly promising members under their wing. When disaster strikes the Tent City, the Rayvekhs come together with the Sayeth and the Conclave to handle the situation. Within this rank is a raised position called the Troha or “Second”. This particular Reyvekh sits as the right hand of the Sayeth, acting as their enforcer and liaison between The Watch and the clans. The Reyvekh Troha is appointed by the Sayeth. They hold uniquely powerful and influential title.

Wage: 35 GM/Day (+3 GM For a Troha Title)

Yakhtai – Means ‘To Ride Tail’. These Drykas have begun to ascend up the ranks in the Watch, displaying leadership as well as showing honed skills in a particular area. Best defined as specialists, these men and women are considered the experts on their particular field of practice. They led groups of a dozen Tavehk in patrols and investigations. The Yakhtai are the main trainers of the Tavehk. Yakhtai who are Troha to Reyvekh are paid more and considered Yakhtai Troha.

Wage: 30 GM/Day (+3 GM for a Troha Title)

Tavehk - Means ‘To Ride Flank'. They are the rank-and-file members of the Watch, but all of Endrykas knows they are so much more than that. They are the majority of the membership and are more than able riders and combatants. When one is in trouble, they can expect that a group of Tavehk will be riding to their aid. Tavehk are often asked to be Troha to Yakhtai and thus are called Tavehk Troha.

Wage: 20 GM/Day (+2 GM For a Troha Title)

Ra’athi - Means ‘Mass’. They are full members but considered also to be still in training. These are the ultimate protectors of Endrykas and are constantly being tested by their leaders to find their limits and ready them to one day be Tavekh and higher in their own rights.

Wage: 10 GM/Day (+2 GM For a Troha Title)

Requirements for initial Watch Admittance:

  • Bonded to a Strider
  • 26+ Skill Points In Riding
  • X Skill Points in a Weapon Of Their Choice or Combat Magic
  • Y Skill Points in a Useful Skill (Webbing, Herbalism, Medicine, Animal Husbandry, Tracking, etc)
  • X + Y = 52+
  • Recommendation from Pavilion’s Ankal

In order to advance in the watch there are two major criteria which are examined. Is there a recommendation and is the prospect talented enough? Regarding recommendations, in order to ascend to any of the higher ranks, you must have someone of the position you seek vouch for your competence. Taking the position of Sayeth requires a majority of the Rayvek's support via a vote.

A Note About Pay

Since a PC is required to be of competent skill for acceptance, the regular wage modifier does not apply. Should one reach Expert in two of their three required skills as a Ra'athi, the 1.5 multiplier will be applied. Every promotion after Ra'athi does not allow for a modifier.

We are proud in our defense of Cyphrus.