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Theo More

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Theo More

The Black Tar
Date of birth437 AV (aged 86)
Place of birthRavok
TitleOwner of The Black Tar
Soulmist Projection80

Theo More is the father of Hu More, though he has been dead for over twenty years. He is also the mysterious owner of The Black Tar, the top poison and philtering shop in Ravok. Little is known about the Black Tar, and even less about its owner. In fact, the number of people that know of Theo's existance can be counted on a person's hands.

Theo is a sometimes charming, sometimes terrifying individual who has held on to existance as a ghost for reasons known only to him. He seems content to work and live at his shop, the Black Tar, and rarely if ever leaves. Of course, nobody would know if he had left, because nobody knows who or what he is. Only a privelaged few get to meet the master poison crafter, and even they never learn his name. To his few apprentices, he is known simply a The Black Tar, or Tar, or The Black, or something along those lines. He rarely shows his ghostly form to them either, preferring to remain invisible.

To those rare few who do see Theo's visage, he is an elderly, well dressed man with sunken features and wrinkled skin. He wears a black suit, and carries a ghostly cain. There is a gaping wound in his chest that goes all the way through to the other side from which blood constantly seems to be flowing. However, Theo rarely shows himself, and most people just know him as a formless voice that speaks from behind the curtain.

Note: Knowledge of this NPC can only be obtained from a Storyteller, or a Player who has been granted the lore: The Secret Owner of the Black Tar.