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Thorin Valdinox

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Thorin Valdinox

Ravok's Blacksmith
RaceMixed Blood
Date of birth472 AV (aged 51)
Place of birthRavok
TitleOwner of Thorin's Forge
Leadership 3020
Weapon: Hammer35
Gnosis marks

Thorin was born in Ravok and raised in the Valdinox household. As the son of one of the daughters of Valdinox herself, Thorin is only a quarter Isur, but was still blessed with Izentor when he showed his prowess at smithing and forging. Thorin opened his forge on his twenty-sixth birthday and has been in operation ever since. Since he does not sell weapons or armor, he was never considered competition to the Defiled Blade, and was able to prosper.

Thorin is a hard worker, and has a gruff personality. He does not talk much, and when he does it is short and to the point. He can usually be found working one of the many forges in his shop, or if not there, at the nearest tavern kicking back a few pints of ale. He lives in a room in the back of his shop, preferring not to live in the Noble district with the rest of his family. While he harbors them no ill will, he lives a much harsher lifestyle than most people in the noble district, and does not get along well with them.

Thorin occasionally takes on new apprentices, and usually has anywhere from six to ten apprentices working under him. While it is rare, Thorin will occasionally hire on his apprentices permanently after they have completed their training. Most, however, move on to pursue their own dreams, and Thorin has no problem with that.