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Mixed Blood

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Mixed Blood
WeightVaries wildly
Lifespan40-200 years depending on environment and subrace
AbilitiesVaries Wildly
Most common inAll regions
ReputationOutcasts, Non-conformists
Racial godsThey worship all the gods
Racial bonus+10 in a skill of choice

The Mixed Blood is most commonly the combination of a Human plus any other non-Human race. The group is technically not an actual race itself, but merits being mentioned. Half-breeds do occur, and in some places they are quite common. The most common combination involves a human and another race, but Mixed Bloods with two non-human parents are not entirely unheard of. Mixed bloods are either a combination of both their bloodlines in personality and skill, or are more prominently one way or another. See individual race writeups for more information.

There are several races which simply do not interbreed. These are the Charodae, the Jamoura, the Nuit, and the Pycon. Other races can reproduce, but some of their racial traits are not carried over. For example, Dhani can interbreed with other races, but are unable to shapeshift. The Akvatari are able to mix with other races, but while the child will have a tail, it will not have wings. The Zith also reproduce with other races, yet are never born with wings. The Symenestra can be mixed as long as the father is a different race and the mother is Symenestra. Children sired on any race by a Symenestra father will be full Symenestra. The offspring looks identical to a Symenestra but might have some characteristics or vague resemblance of the mother.

In addition, several races as part of their biology, simply reproduce their same type of race, no matter what other type of race they blend with. The Akalak, for example, will only sire a male child who is also an Akalak. The Konti, an all female race, will only give birth to a female Konti. There are no 'mixed breeds' when one parent is either of these two races. However, the one exception to this is if a Konti female and an Akalak male parent a child together. They may birth a full Konti or a full Akalak, but 5% of the time they will sire a true half-breed between the two. These children are exceptional and special, honored by both races, and referred to as the Akontak. Konti and Symenestra cannot reproduce together. There never has been nor will be any offspring born from such a pairing.

There are no half-Kelvics; they simply do not exist. A Kelvic mixed with a Human may produce either a full Human or a Kelvic, while a Kelvic mixed with any other race will simply not produce children at all; the one exception to this is if a Kelvic and an Akalak have a child, in which case the Kelvic will always birth an Akalak. The Kelvic factor will not lie dormant in the blood of a mixed or non-pure Human. You can only create a Kelvic with a pure Human x Kelvic cross, or a Kelvic x Kelvic cross. No other combinations will carry a Kelvic factor (aka gene) or spring forth a Kelvic later on down their bloodline.

Mixed Humans

Mixed Humans are perhaps the most likely and most common form of Mixed Bloods, even if they are not Mixed Bloods in the traditional sense. Mixed Humans occur when a Human and a Human subrace have offspring together, or when two different Human subraces have offspring together. While technically fully human, these children are of mixed heritage and thus not considered pure Humans, which gives them the title of Mixed Humans. Due to this mixed heritage, Mixed Humans receive the typical +10 racial bonus to any one skill, just like any other Mixed Blood; they do not receive the +15 racial bonus that pure Humans do. Mixed Humans are generally more easily accepted into their societies than other Mixed Bloods, but there are always exceptions.


Half-Zith possesses muted traits passed on from their Zith parent. They are unable to fly as they do not have wings. They have undeveloped stubs, very slight, where wings would otherwise grow. These 'stubs' are nearly impossible to remove with Mizahar's level of medicine. It would take a high level healer with multiple Rak'keli marks... and even then it would be against their ethics since nothing is medically wrong with the stubs. They have a slightly darker skin-tone which is also influenced by their non-Zith parent. Half-Zith do not have the fine fur of the their Zith parent however they often have thicker hair on their head that grows long and flowing. Their vision is nowhere near as acute as a full Zith at night but they do have somewhat better nightvision and function better in the dark than a normal human. The range of this vision is around 20-25 feet and does not include great detail and can't make out full color. Their eyes are still somewhat sensitive to the light although they are not as severely affected by it as full Zith. Their hearing is also more acute though still significantly less than a full Zith. Where Zith often rely on their hearing oversight even in the dark, the Half-Zith is more balanced in their senses when it comes to nighttime activity. Facial structure is quite angular and the Half-Zith's teeth are all more pointed than a human though not nearly as pronounced as a Zith. Their eyes are always dark brown to near black. The Half-Zith's body structure is thin and lean though they are naturally fit. They are unable to gain much bulk either, muscle or fat and should avoid physical conflict or great physical exertion as their body is not designed for such things. Their metabolism is high and requires a good amount of meat in their diet. They have a natural passion for meat and fruits while other foods taste extremely bland.


Half-Isur are more fit and healthy than the average human. They do not possess the signature arm of the full Isur however their overall strength is greater than the average human. They have improved nightvision though lack the ability to see in total darkness like a full Isur. Their skin generally has the slightest of bluish tone to it and where there would otherwise be an Isur arm, the Half-Isur have skin baring a slight hue of a color based on that of their Isur parent. They do not have the raised, silver veins of their Isur parent nor do they have the ridge on the forehead just above the eyes. They are slightly heavier and more durable than the average human yet they do not possess the increased weight or tough skin of the full Isur.

Also, Isur, due to their strict cultural beliefs including their near fanatical form of faith in Izurdin as well as their distaste for most other races, will not knowingly and voluntarily engage in romantic relationships with races other than their own or human or humanoid races that closely resemble humans. Even humans are not the most desirable companions although it does happen from time to time. This occurs mainly with those isur who do not live in the Kingdom of Sultros or live on the outside fringes such as in Border Posts or Trading Posts. Further, Kelvic and Konti DO count as human enough, more or less, and the potential cultural and religious differences or minimal.