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Tiktik Caw

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Tiktik Caw
Bird File:Tiktik Caw.png
Threat levelLow
Major featuresPure white feathers, pure black chicks, long, flowing tailfeathers
AbilitiesEgg laying, Resistant to taming, Adept at hunting fish
Most common inSuvan Sea, particularly Myri's Teeth

The Tiktik Caw is a rare type of bird found only at the top of the spires of Myri's Teeth. Their eggs are prized for their use in making poison and many attempt to scale Myri's Teeth in order to acquire some.


Physical Characteristics

Tiktiw Caw chicks emerging from eggs.
The Tiktik Caw has rough, pure white plumage. It has long, flowing tail feathers, which are used in mating rituals. It also has pure white feet and beak. This is not a result of Albinism, but the true cause is unknown. Many speculate that it has to do with the proximity to Black Rock, but this has not been verified. Both genders are identical in all features.

The chicks are born from ebony colored eggs. Their baby fluff is a surprising black, as are its feet. The only contrast is its grey beak. As it grows, the black feathers will fall out and be replaced by the pure white feathers of adulthood. The feet and beaks take a bit longer to transition to the white, but by two years, they should be fully white.

Social Structure

Tiktik Caws live in one massive flock, nesting upon the tops of the spires of Myri's teeth. They mate indiscriminately with one another, never pairing for life. The males compete somewhat for the females' attention, but it's more of a formality than anything. In all honesty, mating goes by a first come, first serve basis.


The ebony eggs are the prize for hunters, artists, and poisonmakers alike. The shells from the egg, when consumed, act as a powerful paralytic. The effect takes place within a minute or two, depending on the size of the consumer. The shells can also be ground up and mixed with milk to form a rare black dye. Any milk will do, and the effects neutralize the paralytic as well. Only competent dyemakers should attempt this, as undermixing will lead to a slower paralytic that seeps into the skin.

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