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Ragdoll is the current AS of Riverfall. She works under Gossamer, Founder and RS of Cyphrus, and with Vice, DS of Kenash. She is a chat mod, and has mod abilities in the Sea of Grass.

Pertinents and Such


In real life, Ragdoll currently lives in the United States. She spends most of her time in Ohio, where she lives, though she travels a lot. Her real name is Ashley, though she prefers to be called Ragdoll or a derivative. Ragdoll has two cats-one of which is indeed a ragdoll-and a dog who is actually her roommate's but who still lives with her.

Her birthday is April 17th, which makes her an Aries. She greatly enjoys taking personality tests-should you come across one you'd like her to take, she'd definitely be interested and would love a link. If you send her cat pictures, cute or otherwise, she will almost always use them for creative purposes.

Ragdoll's first PC was Adi Skyglow, a Rivarian Vantha who, though she traveled frequently, was going nowhere. She knew within her first month of joining Mizahar that she wanted to be a storyteller, and was delighted to be accepted shortly after her 60-day mark.

Contributions to Mizahar

Ragdoll has had PCs in the past, though she does not currently maintain an active character.