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Kerr/Syfec Morbus
Full nameSyfec Corealius Rutariun
Date of birth9th Day of Fall, 490 AV (aged 33)
Place of birthZeltiva

Syfec Morbus is a freelance mage, currently inhabiting the city of Syliras. Born in the city of Nyka, he started off life as a scholar, only in his 19th year dipping his hand in the dangerous world of personal magic. His residence lies in Syliras, but he enjoys traveling all over in the pursuit of knowledge.



Born in the city Zeltiva, in 490 AV, to a rather wealthy family, Syfec had a pretty good start. His family was one of the wealthiest in Nyka, holding much political and social sway due to the pure vastness of their assets. The Rutariun family held several manors in the surrounding area, in addition to their many family members in positions of high influence. Such was Syfec's destiny, according to his parents and tutors: He was to be a world changer.

Bred at a young age to be the perfect politician, he had every opportunity available to him to wield the power of a nation. Though this learned thirst for power is what would lead Syfec to decline these offers. He was trained in the scholarly arts starting at age 8, learning mathematics, rhetoric, the subtleties of politics, and other arts that would relate to his craft. Syfec excelled in his studies, welcoming any and all advice that would allow him to gain his position of power faster and to be the best he could. After learning that "knowledge is power", he studied even more fervently, thirsting for the power he was destined to have.

After a while, he started to conduct supplementary studies on his own, in a addition to the lessons by his tutors. During one of these studies, he was going over some ancient history when he realized that the true power was not held by the politicians, as he was told. The true, raw power was held by the great magicians of the age. These men needed to permission when they shaped the world, they could burn down cities on a whim, they could create artifacts that would sell for millions of mizas. Though it was not just combative power that they held. Mages held political power as well. After all, a ruler would do well to consider the ideas of the group of powerfully destructive beings inhabiting his realm.

Though unsatisfied, he continued his studies with his tutors, but shifted the focus of his extracurricular studies to any texts he could find on magic. After a while, he was able to get his hands on a book on Reimancy, a discipline of personal magic involving the elements. After reading through the book several times and building up the courage, Syfec searched out a traveling Reimancer that was currently in Zeltiva. Syfec withdrew a large sum of mizas from his bank and carried out the plan he had been awaiting since he learned about the power of magicians.

He sought out the Reimancer and paid him a large sum to initiate him as a Reimancer. The mage agreed and took Syfec deep into the woods. He then took his dagger out menacingly and began carving up Syfec's arms. Syfec knew this was the practice he had paid for, but these cuts seemed to be going to deep and soon enough his arms were covered in deep cuts and he was bleeding furiously and he became lightheaded. Then, the Reimancer released a barrage of Res, flowing into every opening in Syfecs body. The pain was so intense that Syfec was barely staying conscious. After what seemed like hours, the Res was withdrawn and Syfec was left panting for breathe, clutching his wounded arms, while floating in and out of consciousness. The Reimancer tossed his dagger at the bleeding subject and muttered "A souvenir, should you live." With that, he left Syfec in the woods, clutching to life.

Syfec survived, finding his way back into Zeltiva, and he took residence at a cheap inn. He nursed himself back to health, existing on the fringes of society for weeks while he recovered. Then he stayed in Zeltiva for months, purchasing Reimancy lessons from traveling mages, learning all he could before he set out on his own. Once he felt he was ready, he left Zeltiva, and his old life, behind by moving to Syliras and changing his name. Though only nineteen, he was ready to take the very first steps on his way to change the world.





  • Quarterstaff
  • Dagger


  • Leather Armor (Cut into a vest piece and vambraces)


  • Leather Belt/Plain Buckle
  • Cotton Pants
  • Cotton Shirt
  • Leather Jerkin
  • Hooded Cotton Cloak
  • Leather Shoes
  • Leather Gloves
  • 2 Earrings (Silver, small hoop)
  • Backpack

Traveling Gear/Tools

  • Wineskin
  • Eating Knife
  • Whetstone


  • The Practice of Reimancy (Theories & Techniques)
  • The Birth Of Syliras
  • Glyphing (An Introduction to The Most Common Magic Around)
  • Ancient Tongue (A Treatise on Nader-canoch)
  • Maps of the Ancient World

Writing Supplies

  • Quill
  • 2, 1 oz. Vials of Ink
  • 10 Sheets of Paper
  • 20 Sheets of Parchment