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Date of birth302 AV (aged 221)
Place of birthUnknown
TitleMaster Maledictior
Gnosis marks


Eight years of age passed as Vick grew in a human home in a semi normal family. They gave him the needed things in life yet he always wanted something more. When he was six his parents wanted him to know more in light so they gave him art lessons in drawing then told him how to work on his organization skills with meditation as a side job.

At the age of eight years he found a old lady that lived near him yet she taught him three things that his parents did not teach him. Auristics, Philtering and Malediction. That changed his life for the better or for worst as he talked with her more and learned she was a Nuit and not a human. When he voiced his tastes for wanting to learn more she told him no but she did offer him something that he could learn. She gave him the life of a Nuit and told him to flee his family for they would kill him.

So he did. Yet as he was home getting his toys his father found him. The look he gave his child was the look of death as he walked out of the room before his old sister came and told him he had to run and never to return. She pushed a brown leather pack in his arms and made him run under the heavy weight of the pack which he saw only had one item. Gold Miza.

It took him a day to find the old lady once more but she told him just to take a boat to a island called Sahova and let them take care of him as she handed one a bottle of white fluid before sending him on his way.

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