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Vincent Ross

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Vincent Ross

The Light of Avanthal
Date of birth470 AV (aged 53)
Place of birthZeltiva
TitleTorch of Avanthal's Order of Radiance
Unarmed Combat50
Weapon (Longsword)55
Gnosis marks

Physical Description

Vincent is a tall man, standing at about six feet. The fact he lives among Vantha makes him seem event taller. His skin is lightly tan and his hair is dark. He usually wears it a bit longer although never much longer than the base of his hairline. His eyes are a light blue which gives hint of Vantha blood that may run through his veins.

Vincent likes to dress nicely, although he is no stranger to the heavier dress of the north. When in the chapterhouse, he dresses in a suit or a nice shirt and pants if he is feeling more casual. Outside of the chapterhouse, Vincent dresses warmly in furs and at times armor when he it is needed.


Vincent is a democratic man, although in truth he really is not in charge of the chapterhouse he resides in. He is always open to hearing anyone's ideas although he is not beyond completely shutting down ideas if they are not in the best interest of the Order. While he has a family back in Zeltiva, he is not married, nor does he have children. He has devoted his life to Priskil and although he is a social man and can often be found with women, he sees his Goddess as his highest priority. Because of this, he rarely lets personal relations or feelings towards another sway his judgement on Order issues.

Along with being a devout Priskil follower, Vincent has taken a bit of a liking to Morwen since he started his stay in Avanthal. While he is not marked by her, he often will pray to her for safety when the Order must face her icy world.

Vincent is a fair man, but he can be harsh. He knows his goals and he has no qualms in hurting a few feelings for the greater good. When taken to a more social setting and is apart from his Order duties he is pleasant to be around, although most say his mind seems to constantly be on Priskil and the Order.


Vincent Ross was born in the summer of 470 AV in Zeltiva to Peter and Denice Ross. His father was a merchant and somewhat of a middle man for fishermen to sell their catches through. His mother was a seamstress, working mostly through clothing the workers of the University. Vincent was their first born and his parents had three children after him, two sons and a daughter.

At the age of ten, Vincent's youngest brother Samuel became ill and no matter how many prayers were said in the name of Rak'keli, the boy would not get better. Peter decided to move the family to Mura for the last year of Samuel's life to help ease his discomfort and have care from the Konti healers. The Konti did what they could but after a year, Samuel died leaving the Ross family with only three children. Vincent was torn apart by the loss. Some might say more than the rest of the family. He constantly worried about his brother and sister and was scared to move back home from Mura. This is when he first met Priskil. She appeared to him as one of the healers at the Opal Temple and began a friendship with the boy. Vincent found a lot of comfort in her presence and after a season, the Goddess reveled herself to him. He was a boy who needed hope and he found it in the Goddess, along with finding a friend in her. She marked him with a promise for him to be hope for his family. They needed it with Samuel's passing.

Soon after, the family moved back to Zeltiva and life returned to normal. Vincent spent a few years at the University studying culture and the divine before deciding to head off on his own at the age of twenty one. He wanted to find out more about Priskil and of course help her as well as her cause. In his travels he had heard of the different places where the Order of Radiance had made their grounding. He headed first to the chapterhouse in Denval, a city where worship of Priskil was widespread and abundant. It was here that he earned his second mark from his Goddess.

At the age of thirty, Vincent headed off again to find more places where Priskil's Order was strong. There had been talk about the Order on Avanthal so he set his sights north. He took a boat from Denval to Avanthal and started to integrate himself into their Order. Due to his skill with longsword, he quickly became one of Avanthal's most cherished Torches. While he started off as a Lightcaster, he could not help the call for adventure in Taldera. It was in this time he received his third mark from his Goddess.

Since joining the Avanthal chapter of the Order of Radiance, Vincent has become an influential member and Torch. He is looked up to by many and often is asked to help Icewatch if the require the Order's help. While there are no leaders in the Order, many of the members do look to Vincent for guidance and direction.