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Vysia Prakmat

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Vysia Prakmat
RaceHuman (Nykan)
Date of birth506 AV (aged 17)
Place of birthNyka
TitleOwner of the Safe Haven Hostel
Throwing Discs69
Throwing Knives58
Body Building21


A human woman in her early thirties, Vysia is a monk of Laat who was crippled in the left leg past the ability of any available healer. The circumstances of her wound are unclear, and she claims the assailant was "not of this world", but prying details out of her has always proven an impossible task. She was assigned to the Hostel and runs it with an iron fist in an iron glove. Vysia is brutally honest and means no offense to her guests, but she hates repeating herself. She can fling a throwing knife across the room, barely missing the head of a troublesome patron... the first time. She respects those who obey the rules and may even share rumors and information from time to time.