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RaceNuit, formerly Human
Date of birth69 BV (aged 592)
Place of birthAlahea
TitleCouncil of Five Member

Mistress Wayza is the only female member of the Council of Five, the governing body on Sahova. She is considered one of the finest morphers on the island and an exemplary cartographer. Her maps are sought after for their extreme attention to the contours of the geography.


Mistress Wayza was brought to Sahova during the second wave of the ARMED project, mostly because no one could locate the Seven Robes Wizard to deliver the summons. She was prone to wandering and disappearing into the deep and less explored places of the world. After a series of accusations and political missteps culminating in accusations of sabotage fellow Seven Robes Member Areesa Tallshade leading up to her death.

Eventually Lector Qiao caught her morphed as a hedgehog in a mine beneath Sunberth. His offer was simple, a new island to explore and the financial support to further perfect her craft. Wayza took the opportunity without further question.

Before coming to Sahova, Wayza’s maps were not well-known. A personal hobby, the maps were exclusively for personal use. When her skills became apparent upon Sahova, Zarik Mashaen tasked her with completing an atlas of the entire island. The complexity of the tunnels and the magical landscape has led to centuries of work trying to create a complete map.

Over her years on Sahova she became renowned as the finest morpher the island had ever seen. This might have eventually gained her a seat within the Master’s Guild, but instead her innovations in cartography gave her a seat on Qiao’s council. Wayza developed a process by which messages could be hidden within maps and only viewed by expert Aurists. Since magic was so rare away from Sahova and an expert more-so, it became a way for the council to send coded messages hidden in maps.


Wayza is essentially a loner. Unless summoned by Qiao she can hardly be located. Her most used form is that of a white sparrow. Occasionally she can be spotted surveying the testing grounds, but otherwise she remains in her den in the Bloodhills. It is said she is the only flesh-bound soul to fully explore Sahova’s complex system of caverns. Still she is adamant she will never make a map of the tunnels, though she will not say why. Even Qiao and Mashaen cannot push her on this point.


Unlike her wizard counterparts, Wayza does not wear robes. She wears the furs of the animals native to the land she is currently exploring and that only on the rare occasion she takes a humanoid form.

The corpses she inhabits are of little consequence but she usually chooses pale blonde vessels. Konti corpses, though rarely available, are a particular favorite of hers.