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Wera of the Blackened Claws
Date of birth438 AV (aged 85)
Place of birthTaloba
TitleMistress of the Bones for the Blackened Claws
Gnosis marks

It is a great honor to be appointed the title of Mistress of the Bones for the Blackened Claws. The position itself is not honorary, though, and Wera takes on all her responsibilities solemnly. She is of a quiet sort, always acting in the clan’s best interests yet rarely communicating for the pleasure of it. Contemplative and wise, Wera seldom initiates actions for the clan unless there is good reason, and her reasons are always good.

The responsibilities of Wera’s position are manifold. First and foremost she is charged with the crematory rites for the clan, as well as safekeeping the bones of the dead. It is up to her judgement when - if ever - to bestow the fallen’s power on a clanswoman. Her secondary responsibility is to teach her craft to children, keeping on as students those who are interested in knowing more. She does not hand out empowered bones on a whim, but she will frequently gift minor charms on special occasions, such as one’s Blooding. Sometimes clanswomen bring her charms from elsewhere so that she may identify their effects. Some products of her work, usually made from the bones of the deceased animals from their zoo, are sold for the clan’s collective wealth and sustenance.