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Where do I start out

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There are many options for starting game play in Mizahar. It is often one of the biggest decisions in a player's career. Deciding where to play can also be one of the hardest. Here are some things to think about when beginning play.


How Do I Choose?

Some people review the City List and pick a location that appeals to them by the description of the city and its denizens. Other people go by cultural centers. If you play a Drykas, a great many people want to start out in Endrykas which is that culture's headquarters. All cultures have a cultural or race writeup. You can find this writeup by clicking on the name of the race off the Race List. However, as in all games, people wander. Travel in Mizahar might be dangerous, but individuals do move from city to city.

If I Start Somewhere Am I Stuck There?

In a nutshell, no! People travel. Caravans move around the entire game so its not that hard of a stretch to join a caravan and go the length and breath of Mizahar. Simply remember though, some cities are cut off seasonally. Avanthal and Wind Reach are completely cut off in the winter. In the summer, some of the Eyktol cities are pretty hard to travel to through the expanse of deserts. And places like Falyndar have no roads, so that makes travel to and from them somewhat challenging as well. You travel at your own risk, but you can travel.

Busy Versus Slow

Many people prefer busy cities like Syliras over slower cities like Riverfall. The fact is there are advantages and disadvantages to both. It is this particular authors view that slower cities are better for beginning players for numerous reasons. First and foremost, new players often have a lot of questions or need moderator attention. In a slow city, there's not a lot to divide a moderators' time. Thus as a new player you get individual help and the benefit of the classic 'small class size'. Larger cities like Syliras can be overwhelming. The forum spams continuously, and even though there might be three or four storytellers present, it will still take a great deal of time to get PM's answered or threads awarded experience points when they are completed. Larger cities have the benefit of having a great many people who will jump into your threads. But, to more experienced players, jumping into a new player's thread is somewhat risky and so that negates that cluster of potential roleplaying buddies.

Character Matchmaking and Chat

One of the best ways to figure out where to start your game play is to review the articles in the Character Matchmaking forum. The character matchmaking forum can be found in the dropdown menu in the main game under "Useful Links". Many players post 'ads' for roleplaying buddies, family members, friends, etc that are wanted. You can even post your own add and ask folks if anyone wants a specific type of character to join their family, city, or current campaign. Chat is also another valuable resource. Log in, introduce yourself, and talk about your PC. People within chat will have great suggestions and can also suggest hookups for your character.