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Yoletta (Astrid)

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Yoletta (Astrid)

The Tavina of Wind Reach
Date of birth447 AV (aged 76)
Place of birthWind Reach
TitleYoletta, Endal
Wilderness Survival76
Riding (Wind Eagle88
Short Bow50

Tavina of Wind Reach, Yoletta is a kind hearted elderly Endal who leads her caste alongside her Wind Eagle, Astrid, and her husband Rhyon, now Tavinar of Wind Reach. Born in the Summer of 447 AV, Yoletta has lived a long and active life. She and her husband were made Tavin of the city after their predecessors retired in the year 506 AV. She still tries to go out and hunt when possible, but her duties as the Tavina often keep her occupied elsewhere..


Yoletta was born in the Summer of 447 AV. As a Yasi she was always adventurous, and most people knew early on that she would probably end up as an Endal. Before she even reached her fifteenth birthday, in the Fall of 460 AV, she bonded with a young wind eagle chick named Astrid. Though the eagle was too young to ride, bonding with each other made them one of the youngest Eagle/Endal pairs in the history of Wind Reach. Since they could not yet fly together, they spent most of their days exploring the wilderness with Yoletta on foot, while Astrid flew overhead providing direction and watching her endal's back.

Yoletta was a skilled explorer and survivor, as well as an excellent hunter. Once Astrid grew large enough for her to ride, they were known for their long excursions into the Unforgiving, disappearing for days and days until people began to wonder if they would ever come back. When they finally did, they were laden with only the rarest and highest quality of game, found in the far reaches of the Unforgiving and even other regions. Yoletta and Astrid have hunted great dire beasts in Taldera, exotic creatures in Falyndar, and traveled farther from Wind Reach than any endal of her time.

Yoletta met her husband, Rhyon, through his wind eagle, Koyl. She did not like him at first, but Astrid and Koyl quickly became enamored with one another. The relationship surprised both endal, in truth. Yoletta thought that Rhyon was a showboat, and nothing more, despite his heroics. Rhyon respected Yoletta, but had never really thought of her as a potential wife, but, as tends to happen among endal, when two wind eagles mate their riders get to know each other on a more personal level. Yoletta found herself thinking about Rhyon more and more often, and one night on a hunting trip together, in the year 450 AV, they said their vows to one another, among other activities, and earned their Cheva marks.


Yoletta is a wise old woman, and very kindhearted in nature. She is understanding of problems, and a natural leader. People often come to her seeking advice about many things, but more often than not she tells people that they need through their problems themselves. She is an authority on exploration, knowing the mountains better than any other Endal in Wind Reach. She has visited all the cities in Kalea and is known by many, and has even visited other regions. When it comes to long distance travel, or information regarding the wider world, there are few more knowledgeable than Yoletta.