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Zandelia Sansom
Date of birth482 AV (aged 41)
Place of birthSunberth
Unarmed Combat35

Zandelia is a Human Spy, born and currently living in Sunberth. She seeks to weave a true network of Eyes and Ears in order to milk the city dry of as many secrets as possible. The reason is as yet unknown to any save herself.

Physical description

She is of average height for a woman, growing old in years by Sunberth standards. Rugged, weathered and stocky she is more muscle than fat but far from a heavyweight. A singular green orb stares from her right socket, the left a white and blind eye – scarred viciously from above the eyebrow and curving down across her cheek. Blonder hair falls to her shoulder, pushed back to draped to the left so as not to block her vision. Quick to smile – feigned or truly. Full lips are her only classically beautiful feature.


Zandelia grew up in Sunberth, sold into slavery by a father driven by greed as a child – her mother killed before her eyes in the kidnap. Used, abused and generally mistreated she befriended a guard who gave her the fighting ability to battle for her freedom. She killed her master and fled, losing her left eye as the price paid. Since then she has traveled to various cities within Mizahar and generally snooped around in her quest to increase her abilities as an Intelligence gatherer.

512 saw her join the Crimson Edge, a now destroyed group of mercenaries. She followed them to the Spires where many of them, including its leader, were slain. The quest to free the Spires was a brutal one and left her never quite the same. From there the few that were left made for Nyka and from there dissipated as smoke upon the wind. Leaving Nyka behind she journeyed to Sahova and from there she returned to Sunberth – staking her entire future upon one last attempt at becoming more than another statistic.

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