Welcome to Fall 518 A.V.!!

The watchtowers have flared red!

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Welcome to Fall 518 A.V.!!

Postby Gossamer on September 1st, 2018, 6:18 am

Fall 518 AV Has Arrived!

The Watchtowers have flared red!
Fall has arrived. September 1 - November 31th.
On December 1st, Winter will arrive so thread fast!

All threads prior to Fall 518 will become Grandfathered. Finish them as quickly as you can! If your Domain closed, there is no further activity allowed other than grading the grade request thread. So please don't post placeholders or fill in old unfinished threads in those domains. You must wait for them to open again. If you have run out of finances, that is your poor planning and your PC will be thrust into slavery. Speak to a Domain Storyteller for more information. Grading can be done in closed domains.

Please note the following cities are open:

  • Windreach
  • Lhavit
  • Ravok
  • Sunberth
  • Syka

Please note the following cities which were open have closed:

  • Riverfall & The Cyphrus Region

We've grown in leaps and bounds in this season. Our current most important need is Storytellers to keep cities open. We have a great number of players with new players weekly, but to stay open and thriving we need more volunteerism!

Thanks for being a part of Mizahar!


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