OOC Info Welcome To Spring 522! Happy New Year!

Season change has happened on Mizahar!

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Welcome To Spring 522! Happy New Year!

Postby Gossamer on March 1st, 2022, 11:16 pm


Hello Mizaharians!

Welcome to Spring 522!

We start Spring this year with a date change from 521 to 522 and it is officially the New Year of Mizahar. The first of Spring is the anniversary of the Valterrian. This is the single most important date on the site. Globally there is celebrations of survival and sadness everywhere.

We have three months in Spring: March, April and May. Individual cities will post calendars of events and discuss holidays and happenings. See your calendars for a list of these activities.

If you are in a 'city' domain, please register for that particular city. If you are out in the Wilds, be sure you have enough Wilderness Survival to survive in that environment. The Wilderness Survival page has a list of what domains are what levels to help you.

We have some site changes this season. Ravok and Zeltiva are closed now due to inactivity. I was more than willing to leave them open as people were posting, but since no one posted or remained active (other than placeholders) we are going to close them down as I said I would last season. Characters that come back this season as active and were located in Zeltiva or Ravok can migrate for free to any open city of their choice.

Lhavit also lacked activity, but since it has a full-time Storyteller, it is safe from closure. Currently, Sunberth, Lhavit and Syka are the only open cities. Closed cities will no longer be available for play, even for the completion of placeholders.

In the near future, I suspect we will be developing and opening Eyktol if interest happens. That will be later in this year towards winter. And will require smaller cities.

The Outpost had an amazing amount of activity last year. That gathering place for all seems to have worked out well.

If anyone wants to be a storyteller, talk to me. We'd love to see some areas have coverage so we can stay open, though I am reluctant to put storytellers in empty areas. It's the age-old argument of the horse before cart before the horse.

If you have ideas, let's talk! I'm open to suggestions and problem-solving.

Remember, new PCs need to be 'activated' as a measure to protect us from Spam. I activate every other day or upon request if someone catches me online. So let me know if you need someone activated or you are a new player in chat.

Happy Threading!


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