Endrykas FAQs - OUTDATED, Please Reference the Codex

These are questions commonly asked about Endrykas and the Drykas. It will be updated frequently.

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Endrykas FAQs - OUTDATED, Please Reference the Codex

Postby Tribal on October 27th, 2013, 9:48 pm

Q: Can an non-human be a Drykas?
A: Absolutely! Being a Drykas is more cultural than racial. Any race can techinally be a Drykas so long as they belong to a Clan, a pavilion, and are bound to the Web. But, one is not a "Drykas in Full" until they have bonded to a Strider and gained their Windmarks.

Q: Can the yvas be used on a horse that is not a Strider?
A: Yes it can! But, keep in mind that both rider and horse must adjust to this different style of riding.

Q: What is the Web?
A: Most basically, it is lines of Djed connecting all Drykas, Striders, and even some objects to the grasslands itself. Webbers are able to use these strings to find what they wish and navigate the Sea of Grass. With that said, please remember that Webbing is a closely guarded secret among the Drykas. Everyone in Endrykas knows of it, but the information is not shared with outsiders.

Q: Are there any psychic elements to the Strider-Drykas bond?
A: Nope. This bond is not mind-reading so much as a greater sense of closeness between horse and rider. The Strider will be fiercely loyal to its rider for its entire life. However, because of their deeper connection, the duo will be more understanding of one another's tics and cues, leading to faster reaction and a greater understanding of one another's wishes.

Q: Can Drykas marry between Clans?
A: Not only is this allowed, it is encouraged! Intermarriage allows for family trees to grow and be diversified while allowing each pavilion to become stronger as marriages bring in new skills.

Q: Is an Ankal's first wife ever Inhuman?
A: No. First wives are supposed to provide heirs to the pavilion. Non-Humans are unable to bear human sons (heirs) and thusly would not be considered for a first or even second wife.

Q: How do Windmarks appear after bonding to a Strider?
A: They do not appear. Windmarks are tattoos like any other, simply bearing a greater meaning in society.

Q: In the raids of Summer 513 AV, who was brought back?
A: The majority of those brought back were women and children. This is because women are able to have children, thus bolstering the ranks of the decimated Drykas, and children are more likely to assimilate into Drykas culture more quickly. Men were not actively sought for obvious reasons. However, some men did volunteer and seek the Drykas for a fresh start. Also, the Drykas were not actively seeking Kelvics. Kelvics tend to have shorter life-spans and, thereby, shorter breeding windows.

Q: How were the "new Drykas"/captives treated?
A: Very well, considering their situation. The Drykas wanted these new people to accept their culture, it would make everything easier. Those who rebelled would be encouraged to behave otherwise. Once they were trusted enough, the new Drykas would be bound to the Web, allowing them to live as freely as other Drykas.

Q: Can a Drykas turn in their housing for 500 GM?
A: No. A pavilion still counts as a house.

Q: What housing package does a resident of Endrykas start with?
A: Those living in Endrykas start out living in a pavilion of their choosing and are allowed a single Strider. Along with these, a Drykas is allowed a bedroll, a blanket, and a full set of tack and large saddlebags.

Q: Can Drykas be gay/homosexual/lesbian/whathaveyou?
A: They can but such is seen as a curse on the pavilion to which they belong and they would be shunned nearly constantly. In a society where children are their only hope for the future, those unwilling or unable to produce children are a blight and nearly worthless. Bisexuality, especially among women, is more common among wives of the same man.

Q: Does Endrykas have streets?
A: No. It's a wandering tent city.

Q: Have the Drykas always been taking captives?
A: They've done it intermittently, but not constantly. It's only ever been their last resort to great troubles.

Q: Can a captive be forced to marry?
A: Marriages are sacred among the Drykas and to Cheval; forcing someone in to that bond is abhorrent. Birthing a child is one thing, forcing a woman into marriage is another entirely.
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