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59th - Anima makes friends and dances with a blue-haired woman at an all-night star party in Leth's Observatory

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Starry Eyed & Free

Postby Anima Nehal on April 23rd, 2016, 5:54 am

59th of Spring, 516 AV

“You, sad-eyes, come on! Dance with me!”

Anima raised her brows, surprised that she was being addressed. She could’t help but giggle as the blue-haired woman spun around, arms outstretched and waving at her.

“It’s a party, luv, stop floating around!” The woman teased, her singsongy voice sounding bird-like to Anima’s ears. “Come get lit under the stars,” she called out with an inviting smile, “feel the music and free your spirit with me! Woooo!” Her howl was echoed with cheers and laughter by the surrounding crowd. It wasn’t hard to share her excitement as Anima watched the vibrant woman swing between the few tens of dancing Riverians.

“I’m alright over here, thanks,” Anima replied airily, hoping she didn’t seem rude. The energy in the room was enough to keep her content for now. The woman shrugged, casting a fleeting look of disappointment before reaching out to grab the arm of a tall Akalak man next to her. “Hey handsome, wanna get me a drink?” He smirked, giving her a once-over. “Mm, sure thing babe,” he slurred, clearly tipsy and willing to be of service for such a beauty.

Anima lingered by the stone walls, close to where the monks were serving food and drinks. She watched as people on the outskirts of the dancing throng casually munched on seasonal fruits and nuts while they looked out into the night sky, huddled around high tables set up along the border of the circular observatory. Some pointed at the stars, trying to decipher their patterns or telling stories of their origins. Others simply stared at the moon, seemingly entranced or resting in deep contemplation.

She slowly floated towards a nearby table to gain a better view of the party. The tall man from earlier stood to her right, waiting for a monk to pass him two mugs of light ale. Anima surveyed his form, noticing his dark-cyan skin and short, plaited hair. He seemed fairly young, possibly younger than herself. The man turned to catch her staring at him and she quickly shifted her gaze.

It was too late—he cocked a brow and took a step in her direction. “So what’s going on over here?” He asked, his tone almost mocking. Anima squinted in confusion, “Oh, nothing, just hanging around, having fun, you know,” she answered quickly, unsure of what to make of him.

He took a sip from his mug while he looked at her questioningly. The awkward silence continued for a few ticks before he shifted his stance to look out into the dancing crowd. She followed his searching gaze and locked eye contact with the blue-haired woman who grinned and waved and swerved and dipped, all in one smooth motion.

“She seems to be the life of the party,” Anima mused. The man chuckled, “Mhm, she’s quite something.” Another couple ticks pass by.

“She’s kinda hot.” Anima heard a sputter and turned to look at the man staring at her in amused shock as he lowered his mug and wiped his lips with the back of his hand. “What, you don’t think so?” She asked, entertained by the look on his face. “Well, no, I mean, yes, she’s definitely hot,” he shook his head in what looked like disbelief, but his smile put her at ease.

“I’m Felavik, by the way.” His slight bow would’ve made her blush if she could. “A pleasure to meet you, Felavik. I’m Anima,” she answered, lifting the mirage of her dress in a small curtsy. “I saw her calling you over earlier. Why don’t you come dance with us?” He asked, gesturing towards the crowd. Anima didn’t answer at first. A wistful smile crossed her face as she watched the blue-haired woman twirl around and sing along with the music.

“I don’t want to hurt anyone. Being in close proximity would prove to be a nuisance, for most,” she replied. Felavik nodded in return, the workings of her immateriality starting to dawn on him.

“Have you ever tried to possess someone?” It was Anima’s turn to smirk. He looked at her with genuine curiosity and she couldn’t help but laugh. “Yes, yea, I have,” she refrained from saying more. “Well, you wouldn’t be a nuisance if you looked and felt like everyone else,” he explained, although Anima already knew what he was suggesting. “The problem is that I’m only able to do so with someone who’s willing to let me possess them,” she sighed, her eyes downcast.

“Alright,” Felavik paused, his thumb and forefinger stroking his chin. “Let’s say I let you possess me. Am I still able to talk to you?” Anima could tell that he was concerned with his safety. She smiled and nodded reassuringly. “Yes, and I’m not very good at it, so you could easily resist me to drive me out.” Felavik furrowed his brows and watched her carefully, trying to find any sign of potential danger. Maybe it was his innate benevolence, or maybe it was the drink starting to get to him, but either way, the idea of being possessed sounded like fun.

“Fine. Okay. Let’s do it.” He grinned. “Whenever you’re ready.”

Hey, thanks for reading! For my first open thread, I chose the following calendar event:

59th - Leth's Observatory holds a star party that goes all night. There is food, drink and dance as well as all the star observations people might wish.

I figured I’d include Freedom! :D The goal of this thread is simply to dance with her, and maybe play a game with her and Anima’s new Akalak friend. Also, Anima is addicted to Singing this season |:)

After two PCs join, I’ll close the thread, so that it’s easier to keep the thread moving. Feel free to jump right in, or send me a PM—let’s take chances and have fun together!

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