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Postby Oona on September 4th, 2016, 4:20 pm

Name: Oona of the Patient Shadows
Race: Myrian
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: 17th Summer 499AV
Age: 19 years
Birthplace: Taloba, Falynder
Current Location: Sunberth
Occupation: Mercenary
Language Spoken:
Myrian, fluent. Common, basic.


Oona represents her people incredibly well; she is of a strong build and has the typical Myrian dark skin and hair. Her eyes, the irises of which are so brown they almost appear to be black, are piercing and observant. She walks with a confident gait, having been raised to be a powerful woman in the matriarchal Myrian society. A casual observer of the female will note her aloofness, the innate dangerousness that comes from her. In short; Oona is not a woman to mess with. Her hair, like most her brethren, is long in length and typically styled in braids or knots at the back of her neck. When training or hunting, Oona till tie her hair away to make the most of her sharp vision.

And yet despite this confidence and power, Oona finds herself able to melt into darkness. Practised well from night-time hunting in the jungle, she can hide away in dark corners and alleyways whilst stalking her chosen prey. For this very reason, Oona is a night owl; it is rare to see the woman out in the bright mornings or when Syna is at her peak. Without the jungle canopy casting shadows over her head, she feels wary.


Raised in the Myrian city of Taloba, Oona is every bit as passionate, aggressive and savage as all of her kin. She would readily die for her clan, her kin, and most importantly her Goddess-Queen Myri. But Oona is not a mindless follower; she has her own intentions and passions, as any woman does. An act of violence carried out by a man against a woman will quickly result in aggression from Oona. She is quick to rise to a challenge, determined that her Myrian blood and faith to Myri will see her succeed with relative ease. A survivor by nature, Oona is not a woman to allow casual slights or insults to be made against her or her people.

She regards non-Myrians as wrong in every sense of the word, and is naturally untrusting of them. It therefore seems bizarre that she would even consider to venture out of Taloba, and yet in the Autumn of 516AV, Oona found herself in Sunberth. What exactly she seeks from the city, even the warrior does not yet know.

Born into the clan of the Patient Shadows has meant that Oona has been raised to respect the power of the shadows. They are an open secret, visible to all but appreciated by very few. Likewise, shadows can be powerful allies, and though Oona is still a young woman, she deeply respects those pockets of darkness casted by Akajia.


Oona was born and raised amongst the one hundred-strong Patient Shadows clan in Taloba, Falynder. Surrounded by so many family and clanmates meant that the young girl had plenty of companions growing up. They kept her safe, but introduced enough danger to teach Oona the ways of Myrian culture quickly. She took part in all of the clan traditions – the blind-fighting, the camouflage – that had once upon a time earned her clan their title and name. As she aged, she took part in their infamous night-time hunts, navigating the jungle by what little light evaded the jungle canopy. She found herself at home in the darkness.

Sometime after her nineteenth birthday, Oona turned her attention to the world that lay beyond the jungle. She had received her blessing from Myri by then, and was feeling equipped enough to venture outside of her homeland. With her faith, military experience and countless Myrian lessons for company, Oona left the jungle.


  • Lore of Religion: Myri
  • Stealth: Hiding in Shadows

Name ExperienceTotalRank
Stealth 20SP 20 Novice
Weapon, kris 10SP 10 Novice
Blind Fighting 10SP 10 Novice
Tracking 10RB 10 Novice
Camouflage 5SP 5 Novice
Weapon, Shortbow 5SP 5 Novice


  • Simple Shirt
  • Simple PantsImage
  • Simple Undergarments
  • Simple Cloak
  • Simple Boots
  • 1 Waterskin
  • 1 Backpack which contains:
    -Comb (Metal)
    -Brush (Metal)
    -Balanced Rations (1 Week’s Worth)
    -1 eating knife
    -Flint & Steel
  • 1 Composite Shortbow
  • 20 Shortbow Arrows

A Myrian-made kris, the handle of which is made of bone, and the blade of which is wickedly waved to cause even more injury. Given to Oona on her fifteenth birthday from her parents.

Oona is currently renting a single bedroom from the Drunken Fish, Sunberth.

Ledger+100GM (SP)
+500GM (Housing)
-75GM for 1 Composite Shortbow
-1GM for 20 Shortbow Arrows



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