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Postby Vashti on February 21st, 2017, 10:48 pm

Vashti Derollo


Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Birthday: Day 21, Fall, 494 A.V
Birthplace: Zeltiva

Vashti stands just above 5’ with soft angular features and a slender build with curves appropriate for one of her stature. She has a small angular shaped face with large brown eyes. Her wheat colored hair is often worn long, streaked with white highlights.

She tends to dress conservatively with loose, earthy colored blouses and long skirts. She is normally seen wearing either a long coat or cloak. This is both to maintain warmth, but to also provide a level of concealment. The long skirts are primarily to cover her physical limitation which becomes very apparent when one first notices her. She is normally seen with a wooden crutch like contraption underneath her right arm, which is used to support her weight while walking.
Her skin complexion is clear with little to no blemishes. She enjoys fashion and will often mark her skin with soft colors in order to highlight her fashion sense. Learning to write has given Vashti strong hands which are both rough and calloused.

Character Concept
Vashti is a conflicted individual who struggles both with morality and the consequences of the choices she has made. As a young child she was born with a physical limitation on her right foot which caused it to turn inward. This limitation often causes her to experience a significant amount of pain and limits her movement.

These limitations have had a profound impact on her life. She tends to be impulsive, often taking risks without fully understanding the consequences. One such decision led her to her current predicament in Sahova. While, considered as an educated laborer she has little to no privilege in Sahova. She often works long hours transcribing text. She lives in a constant state of fear hoping to avoid failure or worse, gaining the attention of the wizard.

As a child, Vashti held a deep devotion to Priskil. She spent most of her youth watching other children play without having the ability to join in. Observing the other children at play was difficult for her. She struggled as a youth with self-pity and depression. She eventually turned to Priskil out of desperation, but to no avail. As a teenager her right foot slowly began to turn inward which caused her excruciating pain. She had great difficulty with any type of movement. A wooden like contraption was specifically made for her in order to walk with little to no difficulty.

This experience slowly caused Vashti to question her own belief in the gods. While she acknowledges their existence she questions their lack of involvement. This bitterness would eventually lead her to more desperate measures such as learning magic.

Vashti grew up in a very privileged environment. Her family is very wealthy and as such she learned very quickly to read people’s motives and intentions. Over the course of her young life many individuals have tried to befriend her with ulterior motives. Many of which with the intention of gaining favor with her family. Due to her upbringing Vashti has a disdain for overly indulgent displays of wealth and privilege. This is impart due to the attitude that normally is associated with it.

She has a very strained relationship with her mother and father. This is partly due to her mother’s inability to see Vashti as a young woman able to take care of herself. The relationship with her father is difficult to say the least. Vashti isn’t sure why, but she constantly feels his hatred of her. The two talk very little and when they do, the communication lacks substance. This has caused Vashti to develop a lack of trust when developing new relationships. She is often seen as an introvert until one gets to know her.

Vashti can be rather aloof and distant, but this is often to gage people’s motives. Regardless, she is very polite and quiet. She is friendly, kind, and tends to be honest. She can be witty when the need arises, but often prefers kindness to sarcasm. She will simply ignore individuals who are unfriendly.
She does have an impulsive and rebellious streak, which often manifests when individuals are trying establish some sort of control over her.

Character History
Vashti was born on a crisp fall morning on 494 A.V to Shaelda Derollo and a sailor employed by her grandfather. She was born into a life of wealth and privilege. She has a rather large family with two older brothers and a sister. Her parents were well into their mid-thirties when Vashti was born. She also has a variety of different cousins and two uncles. Her grandfather inherited the family shipping business from his father when he was in his early twenties. The business was in trouble of going under, partly due to her great grandfather’s poor business investments and extracurricular activities. Inheriting the business as the youngest of three brothers created conflict. Over the years her grandfather's older brothers have constantly tried to undermine his business dealings either through betrayal or political maneuverings.

Her grandfather spent much of his youth aboard his father’s frigate, first as a cabin boy and as he got older the ships steward. Her grandfather developed a shrewd business ethic, but held onto a strong moral compass which he tried instilling within his children.

These experiences changed her grandfather both for the better, but also for the worse. After inheriting the family business her grandfather spent most of his time trying to rebuild the family wealth and power. He accomplished this feat either through establishing contracts with merchants in different cities or through political agendas. He spent very little time with his children during their youth. He imposed impossible standards for them to achieve which created a vicious competition for their father’s affection. This impacted each of his children in different ways. His sons constantly strive to prove themselves to their father in order to gain his approval. This is often achieved through betrayal and deceit. This has created tension and strife between the brothers as they are often in competition with each other for her grandfather's affection. Her grandfather is often critical of his son’s ventures and constantly intervenes either directly or indirectly in his son’s life.

Her grandfather’s vision of success had a dramatic effect on her mother. Shaelda Derollo is an extremely attractive women who as a youth had a variety of different suitors. She lived an extremely sheltered and structured life, while her brothers were free to pursue anything they wanted. Shaelda grew bitter and slowly began to resent her parents for their constant need of control. In order to further the family wealth and prestige her mother was forced into an arranged marriage with Symel Faruun.

Despite the forced marriage they grew to love each other and for a brief season were happy. However, this would only last for a short time due to her mother’s own ambition. After several failed business dealings Symel agreed to accept employment within the family business and as such became subject to her grandfather’s sphere of influence.

Their relationship slowly degraded as her grandfather’s influence over her mother renewed. Shaelda began to be critical of her husband’s lack of success. This in turn caused her husband to seek questionable business partners in order to appease his wife. Their turbulent relationship caused each of them to seek comfort elsewhere. Symel began to seek fulfillment in his business dealings in the hopes of pleasing his wife. He spent many months at a time away from the family in hopes of building his own wealth and sphere of influence.

However, Shaelda sought comfort in the arms of another man. She began a two year affair with a sailor employed by her father. The two were childhood friends as the sailor’s parents were also employed by her grandfather. The affair would lead to Shaelda eventually becoming pregnant with Vashti. The affair would eventually be discovered as her mother began to show her pregnancy. In order to protect his daughter Vashti’s grandfather intervened and forced Symel to accept Vashti as his child. This created both an intense hatred for his wife as well as the unborn child.

Much to the families surprise Vashti was born with her right foot slightly twisted. The physician initially tried placing a brace on her foot in hopes of the foot correcting itself. The treatment seemed to work as her foot slowly began to straighten. However, this would only last for a short period of time. Her foot slowly began to turn again once she reached six years old. By the time Vashti was twelve years old she had to have assistance in order to walk.

Vashti slowly began to become bitter and angry with her family for constantly trying to help her. The say her as someone who was unable to help herself. Unable to play with the other children she started reading and enjoyed literature. Her bitterness slowly began to dissolve as she found a love for creative writing and drawing.

She was accepted in the University of Zeltiva when she turned sixteen years old. While attending the university she excelled in most of her classes. She found that she had a fascination of history, especially the Alaheon culture. While attending the university she learned how to speak, read and write Nador-Canoch. Wanting to further her abilities she settled on trying to complete a writing certification. Many of her classes focused on creating writing, drawing, and history. It was also during her attendance that she became aware of the existence of magic that could potentially heal her foot. Enamored, Vashti sought to gain entrance into the school of magic, but much to her dismay the school was not being offered.

Vashti learned a painful life lesson while attending the University. She met a boy during her second year of school. The two quickly became friends as he expressed a level of romantic feelings. Over the course of several months the young man spread malicious claims regarding her lack of virtue. This scandal caused the family a great embarrassment, which eventually lead to Vashti being removed from the University. Her mother eventually hired private tutors in order for her to complete her writing certification.

Wanting to be free of her family name Vashti approached her grandfather in hopes of obtaining employment as a scribe in another city. Her grandfather reluctantly agreed and procured her employment through one of the family’s business partners in Syliras. She delved into her new job with a new intensity. During her time in Syliras her employer taught her calligraphy and developed several friendships. One such was friendship was with a young debutant who began to show Vashti the nightlife of Syliras. For the first time in her life she was not treated as damaged. Her friends treated her as an equal with respect. She was content to work as a scribe, but became increasingly envious of her friends as they were able to dance and run. While she was considered attractive most young men gave her a wide birth once they saw her crutch.

While returning to her small room after work she ran across and advertisement to work as a scribe on Sahova. The wages were much lower than what she was used to, but the location of the job intrigued her. While attending the university she heard rumors of the island dedicated to magical research, but was never really sure if it was real. The following morning she responded to the advertisement by sending a letter to the employer listing her education and abilities. Several months had passed before Vashti received a response from mysterious Sahovian employer offering her the position.


Fluent Language: Common
Basic Language: Nador-Canoch
Poor Language:


Skill EXP Total Proficiency
Copying # 10 SP # 10 Novice
Calligraphy #5 SP # 5 Novice
Drawing # 10 SP # 10 Novice
History # 10 SP # 10 Novice
Writing #20 RB, # 10 SP # 30 Competent

Lore of Sahovan Politics
Lore of History: Ancient Culture (Alahean)


1 Set of Clothing
-Simple Shirt
-Simple Pants
-Simple Undergarments
-Simple Cloak
-Simple Boots
1 Waterskin
1 Backpack which contains:
-Comb (Wood)
-Brush (Wood)
-Balanced Rations (1 Week’s Worth)
-1 eating knife
-Flint & Steel
100 Gold Mizas

Her former employer in Syliras gifted her a calligraphy set which consists of a variety of different reed pens and ink.


Location: Where in Mizahar are you living?
As a laborer she currently resides in the Wizard’s laboratory where she is works as a scribe.

House: What does your house look like?
She shares a room with two other women. The room is a small square shaped room with three sleeping cots on each of the walls. Large slender stone slabs separate each of the sleeping cots and act as storage compartments for personal belongings. A makeshift door made of wool sheets cover the opening in order to provide privacy.


Purchase Cost Total
Starting +100 GM 100 GM
Cash In Housing +500 GM 600 GM

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