Solo The Spice of Life

Ines learns how to harvest vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

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The Spice of Life

Postby Ines on May 10th, 2017, 12:37 am

Spring 3rd, 517AV

Ines was not surprised to find Indigo sitting on the steps outside her home when she woke up that morning. The sun had barely risen, but after a full night's rest, the bat kelvic was ready for whatever the day would bring. The evening before, she had found the half-Myrian after learning of her assistance to the founders in foraging for food, and requested her help in learning how to forage food herself. Having been marked with Phylonura only a couple of seasons before, the kelvic was far from self-sufficient.

The bat carried a basket and had a machete strapped to her hip as they ventured into the jungle. She was curious as to where Indigo could be taking her, but when she asked she was just silenced by a single finger held to the half-Myrian's mouth. It was still a welcome change to be able to speak Myrian again, as her common was still a bit lacking and while Ines was slowly learning more, speaking her mother tongue was a welcome change.

It was soon that they arrived at a grouping of trees covered in vines. The vines were green, like much of the jungle, and drooped with clutches of long, thin pods. Indigo strode over to the vines, gently plucking a bean off of the vine. She held it out to Ines.

"This is a vanilla bean." She started, in Myrian. "It will take a good part of the season to cure into a usable form, but you don't need to worry about that for now..." The half-Myrian beckoned over the bat. "The ripe beans are a greenish yellow. You'll know by picking them, too. Too early, and the bean will leave part of itself on the stalk." She demonstrated by plucking a fully green bean from the bunch. There was a bit of noticeable resistance, but it did indeed leave part of itself.

"Pluck the ripe bean like this," Indigo lifted the bean gently, the stalk easily breaking and the bean remaining fully intact. "That's all you have to do."

Ines tried herself, though the difficulty of distinguishing between ripe and immature proved a challenge in the rainforest shadows - and she ended up plucking an unripe bean every few ripe beans. After collecting about fifteen ripe beans, it felt right to move on to the next lesson of the day.

"Indigo, do you know how the beans are cured?" The bat inquired, curiosity getting the best of her. Perhaps she could learn to cure them herself before selling them to the mercantile, saving them time and perhaps bringing her more coin or store credit.

"I know it takes many days...sometimes up to a season, but I do not know the specifics. Perhaps someone else would know better than I." Indigo looked back to the kelvic, who only nodded, somewhat disappointed.
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