OOC Info Winter Has Arrived!

The Watchtowers have flared blue!

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Winter Has Arrived!

Postby Gossamer on December 4th, 2017, 3:28 am

Winter 517 AV Has Arrived!

It was brought to my attention I didn't post an announcement. Here it is! The Watchtowers have flared blue! Winter has arrived. Dec 1 - Feb 28th. On March 1st, Spring will come again and The Watchtowers will flare Green!

All threads prior to Winter 517 will become Grandfathered. Finish them as quickly as you can! If your Domain closed, there is no further activity allowed other than grading the grade request thread.

Please note the following cities are open:

  • Sunberth (Newly Opened!)
  • Ravok
  • Riverfall
  • Endrykas
  • Syka
  • Alvadas

Please note the following cities which were open have closed:

  • Sahova

We aren't doing too badly this season. Our numbers are up. Our open city numbers have stayed the same (we lost one and gained one) and things are trucking along with the new grader program where designated graders can grade their own threads has been working beautifully with no abuse.

Thanks for being a part of Mizahar!



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