A Long List of Gnosis Questions

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A Long List of Gnosis Questions

Postby Avela on January 16th, 2018, 12:12 am

So, every time I come back to Mizahar, I get both intrigued and intimidated by gnosis marks. As part of trying to be a better writer in 2018, I've decided to stop dancing around the subject and actually plot one out for a character this year...but I'm not too sure how to do that. I know I need to go to the Help Desk at some point, but do I wait until I'm ready to actually do the gnosis thread? Can I post and say that I'm planning/plotting one out for next season? At what point do I actually have to tell the HD that this is what I'm planning? And if I do get approval, is the entire thread moderated? Or is only the part where the god/goddess steps in moderated, and can the rest of the 10 posts be self-moderated?

Questions for the future, since both Avela and Satevis have some faith-related character issues that will probably come up later on. :)
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A Long List of Gnosis Questions

Postby Gossamer on January 16th, 2018, 1:22 am

Pay Close Attention Everyone.... Please.

There are two ways to get a Gnosis Mark.


When you are a new character - under 50 posts - apply for one in the Help Desk. Most races have racial gnosis marks they can get for free such as Konti (either a Rak'keli healing mark or an Avalis Divination Mark), Isur (Izentor Mark), and Svefra (Laviku's Mark) etc... check your racial page. It will tell you.

If you don't want one of the standard that your race gets, or you are of a race (plain boring humans - yawn!) that doesn't get one free... you can apply for one in the Help Desk anyhow. You just must include a story in that request ticket that clearly demonstrates why your PC would earn the attention of a Deity and the events surrounding that mark up until the God/dess marks your pc and what happens immediately afterwards.

The above are the two easiest ways to get marked and frankly you are silly or scared if you don't get a freebie gnosis out the gate. If we don't like your story (which happens) we will tell you why and you can try as many times as you like until we give you one to get rid of you or you dissolve into hopeless tears because we've become so mean and bitter reading your horrible stories that we just tell you NO! IT SUCKED! and you give up.


You decide you want a mark after your 50 post count (or want more marks - who doesn't want a ton of gnosis marks right?) and decide to go for one. First you have to do some work for it... depending on what level it is. First... you have to find someone that will run one for you. That's a DS or higher... and right now that's only myself, Meadow and Prophet. Next you have to show them you've earned it with a long line of threads that your PC shows devotion or interest in the deity.

You don't really need much 'proof' your cool enough for the god/dess for a new mark 1. But if you already have a mark and want to go for a second one.. .you need to start a list of things you do to devote youself to the goddess or god you are interested in so you can who your ST later on that you are cool and devote and beg them to run one. The Gnosis page in the wiki has a whole list of what is required to advance at each level all the way up to Champion.

Now... hopefully someone has time. And you have kept a good little record like a good little greedy PC.... and the stars align and you get your thread. Then hope you finish it without IRL sucking you or the mod away.

Frankly your best bet is the HD and before 50 posts.


You can go on quests that DS's and people like myself run. We usually load up the rewards with cool magical items, gnosis marks, and serious lingering psychosis. The harder it is to get into a quest and stick with it, the bigger the prize... so jump on those.

I hope this helps.


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A Long List of Gnosis Questions

Postby Satevis on January 16th, 2018, 1:27 am

Thanks, Goss! I've considered going to HD for Avela, but since she's so uncertain about her place and future, it's more fun to run her without an Avalis gnosis mark for now and think about potentially getting her one later on. I realize this is the stupid choice, but Avela as she is now is way too immature for that sort of thing, and while it's a long shot, I think getting one later on as she realizes and establishes her Konti heritage is better for her as a character. (Plus I literally just wrote an angst-ridden solo topic where she was like 'Avalis clearly doesn't care about me as much as my mom because I'm not marked' so getting one now would feel cheap).

So I'm making the stupid choice in this case, but everyone else should totally jump on those free gnosis marks :)

Edit: And it's no secret which god Satevis would go for if I went for one with him. >.>

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