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Trynne reinforces Deu running stitches with a simple Backstitch (job thread)

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Postby Trynne on December 1st, 2018, 2:08 am

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Her day had been mostly uneventful, having risen with the sun and looked over what she had and what she needed to buy, but now she had made her way to her workplace, to Deu’s ready to sew or hem whatever he’d ask her to.
Now he handed her a beige linen shirt that he had put together with a running stitch, asking her to backstitch the pieces together to keep them together in a much tighter and stronger fashion as he worked on the detail and the embroidery of a cloak that Trynne had finished earlier on in the season.

Smiling slightly, Trynne held up the linen shirt and noticed that though the shirt had been cut well it seemed as though the linen wasn’t the best quality, and it seemed as though any stitches into the fabric would show much more than on a darker colour or on a higher quality linen.

Sighing Trynne picked up a small needle and a beige thread that was only a few shades darker than the shirt itself. She would have preferred a more ideal match but that wasn’t a possibility at that point.
Instead she simply licked the end of the thread to bring the strands together before closing one eye and carefully feeding an inch of the fabric through the needle.

She measured out two feet of the thread before gently cutting it apart with a pair of scissors, them carefully double knotted the long end of thread about a quarter of an inch from the very edge of the thread, being careful to make sure that the two knots overlapped each other to ensure the larger knot that definitely wouldn’t pull through the slightly lower quality beige linen that made up the shirt.

Carefully she looked over the running stitches that Deu had already made and saw that those stitches were neat and made using the same thread that she had chosen, so those stitches wouldn’t have to be removed. Instead she would be able to keep them in place and just reinforce them with the backstitches.

Humming softly to herself, Trynne kept the shirt inside out and pushed her own needle through the seam, alongside Deu’s rougher stitches, watching the needle as it broke through the fabric. Then she pulled the thread until the double knot caught on the fabric.
It was at this point she smiled. The double knot had been large enough to avoid breaking a hole in the fabric.
Next she moved the needle along the seam to where a half of an inch had passed and then pushed it through the seam again to the side where she had started, before moving it back around an eighth to a sixth of an inch and pushed it through again, anchoring a stitch in place. This time she took care to pull the stitches tight along the seam, keeping them in place and in a neat line as she reinforced the simple running stitches that Deu had already made.

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