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Healing Spirit [Shiress]

Postby Alric Lysane on November 3rd, 2021, 5:39 pm

30th Fall 521 AV - The Redynn

Alric was not happy, not happy at all. For a score of days now it felt like he had been suffering from some ailment, despite his attempts to live as decent a life as possible. It was just bad luck he supposed but whatever it was it had started to stop being unfortunate and start being annoying. Perhaps he had picked something up on his nightly escapades but he couldn’t stop sniffling, sneezing occasionally and at times coughing – though the latter had died down slightly. The first few days he had been a mess, sweating and tossing in his bed. Hot one minute, cold the next and doing all he could to try to breathe as best he could and get water from waterskins.

“May Dira never take me” he muttered to himself sullenly, frowning and shuffling along a street looking for directions.

Most of it had abated and he was now able to go about his business and try to get back into the rhythm of earning miza but his sneezing made pickpocketing almost impossible and when people could see you were sick they avoided you like a plague. It was no way to be, no way to live and even with his employment bringing him earnings he couldn’t take chances and stay out of the game for too long.

So he had made his way back to the Outpost, that warm and lovely place filled with no sniffles and from what he remembered medical care far in advance of the old ‘sit and wait’ tactic that prevailed in Sunberth. Freedom was lovely but you had to be alive to enjoy the damned thing. Outsiders didn’t seem so bad now that he had met a few in normal non-larceny situations and if he were honest with himself he’d take what worked and got him better again and damn where it came from.

“You want the Redynn” someone told him hastily, gesturing to him as he rubbed his nose with the back of his hand, nodded and watched them turn tail and walk quickly away.

He followed the directions, getting a few more from along the way until he found the Redynn and walked up its steps and across the threshold. His hope was that he’d get a quick cure and get back to work – there was so much work to do. He scratched his beard and coughed slightly as he stepped in a few more paces, wondering what that custom was if he wanted help. Did he wait? Did he have to collapse? He looked around, at a loss for once.
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