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Druvin Aemeli
Date of birth298 AV (aged 225)
Place of birthSyliras Region
Weapon: Dagger50

Aemeli is a Druvin a Priestess of The Black Sun. As with all Druvin, she is quite tall, standing over six feet in height and solidly built. She has long, curly blonde hair and an otherwise kind looking face. She dresses in black robes baring the symbol of a white circle surrounding a black sun. Aemeli was one of the closest personal assistants to Myleena Vos, the former Voice of Rhysol. A master of manipulating the minds of others, Aemeli takes great pleasure in using her gnosis and magic to unlock ever greater torment upon those who challenge Rhysol. She claims an alliance with Lazerin, The Chief Interrogator of the Ebonstryfe and it is said that between the two of them, they can hurt a person so deeply that they can feel it in their next life.

As with most of the Druvin, who Aemeli was before becoming one isn't known. It is thought that she was the daughter of a farmer back when the peoples of Mizahar were still trying to recover from the Valterrian. Whether or not this is true can only be speculated upon since it is quite possible that whoever heard it to begin with had the information planted in their mind by Aemeli herself. Aemeli is also known for a level of cruelty close to if not equal to Lazerin. While she isn't as brutal physically, the depths of depravity she will reach in butchering a person's mind knows no limit.

Aemeli is always seen with a dagger tucked into her belt though she has been known to carry just about any type of weapon possible. However, all but the dagger are usually just figments of the imagination as it is warped by Aemeli.