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Alice Lark

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Alice Lark

Serving Girl
Date of birth492 AV (aged 31)
Place of birthRavok
TitleProprietor of The Spot

Alice first started working at The Spot shortly after The Rising Dawn destroyed the C.E.B. She was originally an amateur dancer at a local theatre in town, but after the records were destroyed at the employment office, she was let go, telling her that she wasn't worth the trouble of keeping. Alice, coming from a moderately wealthy family, was furious and tried to use her family contacts to put the theatre out of business, but was quickly shot down by a Black Sun patron who was a fan of the shows put on there.

For a while Alice remained without a job until her mother forced her to find more work, annoyed have having the girl around the house. Alice eventually ended up at The Spot, working under Bohir Adams. There are some who claim she got the job by sleeping with the man, but neither Bohir nor Alice confirm or deny the claim. Instead they usually just joke and play it off.

Alice is young and attractive, and will often flirt with her customers to get bigger tips. On request, and when the music is good, she will sometimes dance in front of the stage, again all for tips. While she is openly flirty with every man who enters the spot, it is a well known fact that she is all show and has never put out.. except maybe for Bohir himself. Alice is a tease, and nothing more, but even so she still does well with her patrons, and brings in plenty of money for The Spot.