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Alius Tanka

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Alius Tanka
Date of birth463 AV (aged 60)
Place of birthLhavit
TitleLeader of the Shinya
Unarmed Combat75
Gnosis marks

Alius Tanka is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the ranks of the Shinya. He is the Ascendent, or leader, of the projectionist guards of Lhavit and takes his position very seriously. Born into a long line of respectful Shinya guards, it was no surprise Atanu would become one in adulthood. He began his training at age 9, becoming initiated almost immediately after his birthday and proved to his mentors that he was an exceptional fighter. He rose the ranks quickly and achieved the Shinya Elite at the age of 20, the youngest to date. His prowess was not overlooked, and when the time came to establish the new leader of the Shinya, Alius was chosen by an overwhelming vote. To this day, he has guided the Shinya and allowed them to prosper under his hand.


Alius is deeply devoted to Zintila, Lhavit and his people. He is a dedicated trainer in the arts of combat and Projection, and can be seen the majority of the day meditating on the fifth floor of the Shinyama Pavilion or studying the pupils closely. He is not overly kind but he is also not rude or aggressive. He is a passive individual, a completely neutral party, and a prime adviser to the Anchorite Hayani. He is a man that listens closely to both sides of the story before making a rash decision, and his patience comes with many advantages. Lhavitians revere him for his loyalty to the city, and foreigners often enjoy the curiosity he takes to their presence.


Unlike most Shinya, Alius's head his completely shaved but he has since grown a prominent beard and mustache. He has seen many years since he was appointed the Ascendent, and there are now wrinkles riddled throughout his visage. Even so, do not let his age full you. He moves with a grace unmatched by the younger Shinya, and his well-toned physique is carefully hidden behind the rather intricately detailed pure black robes. Alius is of average height standing at 5'10", and he walks at neither a slow nor a quick pace, a reflection of his outlook on life. He is not intimidating, however, he is easily approachable.