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Infinitely Divine
Date of birth0 AV
Date of death513 AV (aged 513)
TitleAnchorite of Lhavit
Dual Wielding53


Once known as Kasra, the wandering Ethaefal of days long past, Kasra had been one with the mixed peoples who grew into Lhavit after the Valterrian. She was devoted to Leth, wholeheartedly, when she lived, and at the time of her death 75 years prior to the Valterrian, she was reborn as a chosen to dwell with her patron deity. But the rift had split through the Ukalas, and Kasra soon found herself slipping the very year it tore open, falling into the broken lands of Mizahar. Lost and alone, she wandered, remembering glimpses of her past, portions of a life that she longed for dearly but could never obtain. Only the daytime form she took kept her connected to a world she once knew.

Years passed and Kasra had found herself amidst the Misty Peaks; the mountainous region coated with greenery that whispered her name. These mountains! They reached for the stars! The stars! Zintila had called her, guided her as she has guided her devoted followers, and when she found her ancient tribe struggling for survival in the heat of the chaos, Kasra called for aid. Hope was rekindled when the Star Lady was among them, and Kasra helped build the mighty city of Lhavit with her followers. Not a year passed when the Ethaefal became a priestess of Zintila and Leth, honoring them and devoting her entire being to them, seeing her fall from grace as a divine gift from her Father to pursue a greater good.

The Ethaefal proved to be exceptional at Projection, had naturally inclined Leadership not often seen in her kin and a kindness that warranted respect. Kasra became Hayani, to represent her Ethaeral name as close as possible, and was the primary hand in the construction of the entire city.


Hayani is an odd Ethaefal, indeed, she seems to be one of the few that does not see her fall as a mistake. She has come to accept her fate, and sees it as a way for Leth to utilize her in the mortal realm. Some have come to call her motherly in Zintila’s absence. She is kind, generous and infinitely patient, with eyes that speak of centuries old knowledge. But do not let her divine appearance fool you. If the sanctity of her city or her people are threatened she will react with brutal vindication. Some might say that the reason there have not been word of Lhavit for so long was because Hayani had disposed of those who threatened to harm Zintila and her followers when they encountered the haven.


Hayani, as an Ethaefal, is as divine as a fallen one can be. During Leth's reign, she exudes the opalescent sheen on her skin, pale and shimmering, even so much as reflecting Zintila's stars. Her hair too, changes colors during the season, and her glassy horns are prominent and swept back from her temple. Her eyes are a shade of silver, and her expressions are usually serene and gentle. At 6'2", she towers over many of her people.

During the day, the Anchorite takes the form of an olive-skinned woman with almond eyes and black hair. She looks very much like one of the Vantha for the fact that her eyes do not change color based on her mood. They remain a subtle shade of gray. In this mortal form, she stands at 5'8", with a slender figure and delicate hands. She walks with an air of grace no matter what body she takes throughout the day, and she seems to radiate confidence and leadership.