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Aquillar Hot Springs

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The Aquillar Hot Springs is a natural hot water spring in Sunberth that is managed by Max Aquillar.


Within the south hills, a set of naturally heated springs flow from the blessings of the earth, guided by a single mason's hand they were brought into a beautiful set of baths upon which the people of Sunberth might enjoy.

The builder, Max then set up a small bathhouse in the southern hills and runs it with his wife. Bathers are warned, the common spring is just that- common, as in communally open to anyone who visits. The three private springs are each 'themed'. The Bathhouse is connected to a small tavern room setup for intimate, yet plain affairs for parties and otherwise. But the true landmark of the bathhouse which draws the gazes of children and adults alike is one of the cooled freshwater springs being made into a private fenced home for turtles.

The turtles are very friendly towards all, and unnaturally kind towards children. Visitors with children, or from the orphanage, often bring food for them to be fed. As the old couple's pets, they tend to be given wide berth by those with ill intentions...

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