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Max Aquillar

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Max Aquillar
Date of birth457 AV
Place of birthSunberth
Weapon: Longword76
Weapon: Shield54
Weapon: Heavy Crossbow34

Max Aquillar is a retired Sylirian Knight who runs the Aquillar Hot Springs in Sunberth.


Max is an old man with a past filled with conflict. A former Syliran Knight he retains his status in their society discretely, using the bathhouse as a place of shelter for any knight which comes to Sunberth, though cautions them to change into a better disguise if they wish to enter Sunberth proper. He mans the bathhouse with his wife Natlana, a retired mage knight of the order. They have two children who were returned to Syliras to train for the knighthood long ago. He retired at the rank of a Stewart knight.

They remain close-lipped about their past to anyone, and for the past thirty years have simply been 'the nice old couple of the springs.' No one really messes with Max or Natlana though, they have been known to lay down the law on their property. They have several extra rooms available for travelers to stay in.