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Image:Scroll2.png "We stand on the great divide between everything and nothing."
- From the Treval Codex

A dimension is a ruleset and a perception of reality. In Mizahar, there are only three known dimensions:

  • Our Reality, also called This Side by practitioners of Voiding;
  • the Ukalas, an energy field that encompasses everything and is the home of the gods and their chosen;
  • the Void, a dimension of nothingness and emptiness.
  • the Insidious Realm, a dimension inhabited by Insids.

Reality can be imagined as existing in between the two opposites of everything and nothing. Dimensions should not be confused with Worlds. Worlds are actual planets elsewhere in reality that can be accessed through Summoning gateways. Ukalas is also famous because of the Grand Oath, the unbreakable pledge sworn on its sacred existence.