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Ardein Oceangem

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Ardein Oceangem
RaceHuman, Svefra
Date of birth489 AV (aged 34)
Place of birthSouth Suvan Sea
Sea Navigation49
Gnosis marks

Ardein is a member of the Oceangem Pod. A grandson of the Lia, cousin to Caspien Oceangem, Ardein's name came from the name for a family of water birds, Ardeidae. He is a calm soul, with has a cautious nature. However, once he deems one a friend, all reserves are off, he will grin, drink and celebrate along with them as any other Pod member would. When faced with a serious, or dangerous situation, he keeps a clear head, and thinks through, rarely, if ever, allowing his emotions to cloud his judgment. He has scars running up his arms in pale lines from a childhood accident, when he was drawn into a reef, caught in a strong current while swimming, and is perhaps the reason he became so cautious.

Ardein remains with his grandmother, Lia Diondra, and helps her with certain tasks, such as maintenance of the ship, and taking care of guests, welcome or otherwise. He is skilled in navigation, and can often be found on deck, gaze trained on the night sky.