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Oceangem Pod

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The loyal companions of the pod.

The Oceangems are a medium-sized pod in the South Suvan whose history stretches back all the way to before the catclysmic event called the Valterrian. Since it is rumored that the last Lia'Tavanka was an Oceangem, they are very proud of their lineage and they take it as their role to advise the other Svefra pods when they deem it necessary. Though they can be nosy and a tad arrogant at times, they mean well and they train themselves to be good speakers and leaders for the good of their brethren, making sure that all pods always stay true to Laviku. Since they need to be able to advise any pod whenever they need to, they try to keep close contact with their various cousins, and so they are generally the most up to date pod in the Suvan.

Lia Diondra is a very patient woman with decades upon decades of experience. In her years she has many things and is very true to Laviku, having grown up an Oceangem her whole life. She keeps in close contact with the other Lias in particular, and she often tells stories to her podkin about the history of the Oceangems and instills in them the responsibility of their pod.

Accepts PC members: Yes.


Pod Overview

The Oceangems are the oldest pod in the Suvan, having a long history that reaches back to before the Valterrian and even further some say. There is no library of these histories, as there is no room to devote an entire space to books on a boat, but rather they are passed on rather through word of spoken mouth and memory. As such, each telling tends to be spun much larger than the last, growing until what initially happened became epic legends rather than histories. Behind each tale there is a grain of truth however, and this gives them pride. Their higher standard for their pod means that they are most often well spoken and contemplative, often meditating and practicing their speech, seeing themselves as representatives for their people as a whole in many ways. The truth behind this is often contested.

Perhaps at one time the Oceangem pod was the largest throughout Mizahar, but now their numbers have shrunk drastically. The Valterrian ensured that they be nearly wiped out, shaving off more than half of their original number, and the wild djed storm that opened 512 took many more. Despite these catastrophes, those who are left remain as contemplative as ever, seeking solace in their self-control and their own thoughts. They, of course, fish and swim and celebrate as any other pod, but together they think towards new ideas and try to reinvent themselves as a pod and the svefra as a whole.

Brief History

Because of the ancient roots of this pod, no one can recall either the origins nor anything from around the Valterrian about these people. However, it is widely accepted and believed that the last Lia'Tavanka was an Oceangem, or at least they are descended directly from her, though there is no solid evidence that this is indeed the case. Their claim is by word alone, though no one else bothers to dispute the point. The apocalyptic Valterrian destroyed any records that were made at the time, and since then none have bothered writing down the histories of their people. What is remembered quite clearly was the Lia who taught her pod to exist in a state of constant self-discovery and live to overcome obstacles, leading them to the South Suvan providing counsel for the majority of their kind there. Her name is forgotten, but her memory is still fresh in the pod. The goals she set for the pod, teaching to lead their brethren and help guide the Svefra always in the ways of Laviku, are still cherished and followed today.

Traditions and Beliefs

Being as ancient as it is, the Oceangem pod has a lot of old traditions that they take to like dogma, even if they can't remember the origin of each practice. Since they believe emselves to be direct descendents of the last Lia'Tavanka, they respect greatly the ability to lead and communicate, culturing these skills in their young and training them to talk. When they're out sailing, they often try to counsel other pods and convince non-believing passengers of the Sea Father's glory. Their reputation is something between advisers and preachers, both roles of which they fulfill to their best. However, they also love to tell stories of the history of the Svefra, and since theirs goes back farther than most all the others that means they are the unspoken chroniclers of their people, sharing their history wherever they go to those interested, despite not having any written records.

Lives swallowed in svefra history of the sea means that they revere Laviku perhaps slightly more an their cousins. Since they spend most of their time counseling other pods, they have grownused to keeeping track of their kin and offering advice via avikki birds, meaning that they usually know more updated information than a lot of other Svefra for the most part. They are not so much organizers as archivists, keeping track of everything that's happnening and offering advice where they feel it is necessary. Of course, making sure their kind stay true to Laviku is their top concern, and they make sure that all the pods stay as true as possible.

Usual Location

Because the majority of the Svefra prefer to stay in the South Suvan, that is where the Oceangems remain to help guide whatever brethren they come across. Since they are so devoutly devoted to Laviku, they rarely make port in any of the coastal cities and prefer to stay out on the open ocean, trading only with merchant vessels out on the sea for their line and canvas sails. They don't travel to the North Sea as they do not deem it worth risking the middle passage, but they keep in contact with the Anchorage Flotilla and the Whitewave Pod via messages sent by avikki birds, trying to keep knowledgeable about as much of their people as they can so that they may advise where they feel it is needed and prepare should they deem it necessary.

NPC Members

Ardein Oceangem

He is a calm soul, with has a cautious nature. However, once he deems one a friend, all reserves are off, he will grin, drink and celebrate along with them as any other Pod member would. When faced with a serious, or dangerous situation, he keeps a clear head, and thinks through, rarely, if ever, allowing his emotions to cloud his judgment. He has scars running up his arms in pale lines from a childhood accident, when he was drawn into a reef, caught in a strong current while swimming, and is perhaps the reason he became so cautious.

Ardein remains with his grandmother, Lia Diondra, and helps her with certain tasks, such as maintenance of the ship, and taking care of guests, welcome or otherwise. He is skilled in navigation, and can often be found on deck, gaze trained on the night sky.

Cea Oceangem

She is an adventurous soul, who enjoys wandering off and exploring. Cea can be found swimming with marine life of all kinds, or examining a new discovery, bringing any new plant life she finds to her Ceta to test for medicinal qualities. Having often ventured onto Islands, Cea was learned about various terrains as she gathers plants for her sister. She is friendly, but discreet about personal matters. She stands about 5'8, with curling black hair, usually damp from her expeditions, which can take up to days at a time. With her dislike for conflict, she is more on the informative side in a combative situation. To contribute to the Pod, Cea does the majority of the fishing, catching fish every few days. Half sister to Ceta, Cea's name is also derived from Cetacea.

Ceta Oceangem

Granddaughter to the Lia of the Oceangem Pod, Ceta is of a kind, caring, and motherly nature. She cares deeply for her family, and immediately distrusts outsiders if they show the slightest harmful intentions towards them. Ceta has a deep interest in the area of medicine and healing, taking a step further to look out for her family. She is often found examining plant specimens, attempting to find any medicinal qualities. Ceta also helps in preserving the fish caught by Cea in a small variety of methods, such as drying, smoking, and salting. Her name was derived from Cetacea for it's relevance to whales.

Pinn Oceangem

The brother of Ardein, he has a very open, and carefree disposition. He is also a bit flirtatious, which occasionally gets him into trouble. He is a few inches taller than his brother, his hair cut just at the base of his neck, playful blue eyes, and an infectious grin. Despite his appearance, he is skilled with twin Kama blades, and enjoys a challenging opponent. His name is taken from Pinniped, which is another name for seal.