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Keln, Red Company, 1st Regiment, Silver Quadron
Date of birth485 AV (aged 38)
Place of birthSea of Grass
TitleStewart Knight
Land Navigation32
Gnosis marks

Keln is the current Stewart Knight for the Red Company, 1st Regiment, Silver Quadron. He is stationed outside the Walls, and his Company patrols the eastern border of Syliras.



Keln is tall and almost painfully thin, with waist-length red hair that easily identifies him as Inarta. He almost never smiles, but when he does it is an inspiring thing. His usual attire consists of a modified form of the Syliran light armor.

His Gnosis mark adorns both of his hands, a brilliant yellow-and-gold brand that seems to have a life of his own and extends up towards his elbows.


Most find Keln to be standoffish and unapproachable, a dour and humorless young man who is nearly mute. If one can get past that, though, they'll find that he is as warm and caring as any other - but he is extremely socially hampered, unable to really express himself around others and often retreating into silence as a defense. Because of this disorder, he rarely spends any time within the city walls and much prefers to be scouting the encroaching wilderness of the eastern border. Those who have managed to befriend him know that he is extremely loyal, and an excellent person to lean on in times of crisis.


Born in Wind Reach to an unmarried Dek woman who had lost her right arm in an accident, Keln's life seemed relegated to drudgery. His mother, a delicate woman named Wren who was often the victim of the stronger men of the city, recognized not only her son's potential but his problems socializing with others. To make matters worse (or at least more strange), the boy showed up one day with strange markings on his hands, telling stories of a woman who he'd befriended - though for Keln to talk to a stranger was near unheard of. She had her suspicions, but quited her son in the hopes of keeping him from becoming even more of an oddity and perhaps a target.

She waited, making plans and saving up her few coins, until she heard a rumor that one of the men who'd left to join the Syliran Knighthood was returning to Wind Reach to visit his family. She spent the next three days quietly following Ser Levith around, until he finally got tired of his silent stalker and confronted her. She explained the situation with her son, and begged him to accept him as a trainee for the Knights.

The man met with Keln, and eventually agreed - and his memories of the caste system of Wind Reach and the differences to be found in Syliras drove him to pay the way of both mother and son. At the age of eight, Keln was allowed early admittance to the squires because of Levith's recommendation and the boy's own skill with a bow. The elder knight and Wren eventually married, though they were together less than a decade before he was killed while patrolling the Kabrin Road.

Keln had become a full Knight by that point, and took over the task of providing for his mother. He trained extensively outside of the city, excelling in all things related to tracking in addition to his skill with a bow. His mother, unhappy with her sudden derth of free time after a life of work, took over the Inarta seat on the Council of Nine and still holds that position today. Keln has similarly risen through the ranks despite his social disorder, and has even married one of the other Knights, Lizbeth Baroth. She works closely with him, and is often the voice to his orders though she hasn't the skill or experience to hold the title of Stewart herself. Her brother is Captain Atriso Baroth, who doesn't quite approve of his sister sacrificing her own climb up the ranks to support her husband, but despite his misgivings he has accepted Keln into his family.


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