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Calyn "Knower"

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Calyn "Knower"
RaceKonti (Ghost)
Date of birth44 of Summer 345 AV
Place of birthSunberth
Unarmed Combat76

Calyn "Knower" was a Konti assassin in Sunberth who gave up her treacherous life to care for those in need. For the remainder of her life, she ran the Sunset Quarters and the Sunset Quarters Orphanage, showing kindness and charity in a lawless city. She is reknown for her charity and remains in the hearts of the Sunberthian people, even after death.


Although an older woman, Calyn was no slouch. In her day she was a prime warrior and came to Sunberth young where she adapted to the harshness of life and learned to deal with its greatest toils. In her time Calyn was called the "Knower" due to her special Konti gift that allowed her to know a man by simple touch; it was common for her to learn of her target's past before she cut his throat. An unparalleled assassin, Calyn was one of the most feared agents of the city and was often hired out by those across great distances, employing the woman for her never yielding success. She was never known to fail a job. Eventually though, as Calyn aged, she grew weary of her habits and made an effort to resolve her sins. What brought upon this sudden change is unknown, but the people of Sunset Quarters are grateful for her new disposition. While she does endeavor to be peaceful, Calyn is known to take up old habits for those that dare cross her people.

After Calyn died in the fire that ravaged the orphanage on 53rd of Fall 511 A.V., she was buried on the easternmost side of the Dust Beds, so that Syna would always rise for her. Some say that her ghost will occasionally pop out for orphans she's cared for or those who've done good for the orphanage in the past. She's not hostile, and many believe she is waiting for Jillene to die so that the old rivals may pass on together.