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Sunset Quarters

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Most of Sunberth is a slum, but the Sunset Quarters are the slums of the slum. A place for the unwanted and ne're-do-wells, The Sunset Quarters provides cheap lodging and runs several orphanages, taking in anyone who can not afford their own way in life and can follow the rules that Jillene Ironside, the current owner of the Quarters, lays in place. Due to the nature of the business, it's near impossible to fund any sort of advancement to the quarters, but it does well enough to keep going, providing the basic essentials for those that wander into her arms. Foreigners are welcome as well and are encouraged to stay as this section of the city is the most crime-free, mainly because there's not much of anything to sell. There are no businesses, no taverns, just compact apartment after apartment, all sandwiched together to get the most use out of the most space. Life in the Sunset Quarters is sad and depressing, but the people get by, working ever forward for the day they might leave.

The Quarters are divided up into two main sections. The first, the Orphanage, is full of unwanted children from all ages up until sixteen where they're allowed to go live in the Cheap Side, the slums where the adults reside, for free until they can find some kind of income. On the far end of the Quarters are normal apartments, basic, low utility but comfortable rooms where those passing through can stay for a cheap, daily fee.



A cluster of one and two-story buildings packed together make up an immersed set of alleyways, dead ends, and hole in the walls known as the Sunset Quarter. Being the only part of the city not in control of any of the major gangs, the Sunset Quarter is known to be the safest part of the city as well as the poorest. Majority of those that reside here are either homeless, poor, an orphan, deemed unfit for the more lively part of the city, or would rather sacrifice comfort and the high-class living of Sunberth's standards for the increased safety and security of the Quarter. Entering the Quarter would require one to know the maze-like alleys or have a good sense of direction seeing that there are no main roads or signs to direct anyone to a set destination. A person cannot simply navigate the side paths, each alley resembling the next, easily confusing those that do not pay attention. In some instances, bodies of small children and those that had taken a wrong turn and ended up lost are found in the depths of the alleys.

Though the poorest part of the city, the buildings look fairly new, being rebuild after the the unfortunate fire of 511 A.V which claimed many of the old buildings, residents, and the beloved Cayln, though some of the rubble and ash can still be found by following the constant smell of burnt wood and other things that flow through the air. Living in the Sunset Quarter requires a lifestyle one would put in comparison of living among apes. The most elegant of the homes consist of a bedroom, a second bigger room for cooking and dining either connected by a wall or by a flight of stairs, and a small closet space for toiletries being made up of a wooden bench with a hole for one to sit upon, with a bucket underneath to catch excrement and other bodily fluids, while apartments differentiate by sized rooms.

Like any neighborhood, there are those that make living in the area harsh, mainly consisting of thieves, or those running from their problems, bringing them to the Quarter, and thugs and troublemakers looking to harass the poor and homeless. Most of the residents from small groups of people who live all together in a single home. It is every person for themselves and survival is the meaning of life. When it comes to the economic outlook, there is little to none. Mainly the reason why most gangs do not operate in this part of the city. One may find the alleys scattered with prostitutes that weren't pretty enough, or too flawed to work at one of the brothels, or a few drug dealers, even some that would do anything for a quick miza.

Mostly everything done business-wise is done by stealing, begging, by trade, or by exchanging one form of service for another; bartering. Being located across from the Seaside Market one could find many items stolen from vendors that were not keeping a watchful eye upon their goods if looked for in the right place. What they lack in class, they make up for in talent, many of the people having some from of skill consisting of dancing, acrobatic feats, fighting, storytelling, stealing, running, scavenging, cooking, even being able to drink someone clean under the floor board and still being able to function. The Quarter is broken up into four sections.


Pre 53rd of Fall 511 A.V.

Calyn "Knower", the woman previously in charge of the Quarters and orphanage, was an elder lady in which everyone loved. It was not irregular for Calyn to negotiate her prices and, in fact, she would often not even bother to haggle, taking whatever adjusted rate without a single complaint. Most people just pay the full price though, otherwise they're prone to feeling lousy taking advantage of the sweet woman.

Post 53rd of Fall 511 A.V.

On the 53rd Day of Fall AV 511, one of saddest days in the history of Sunberth occurred. Every once in a while, there's a person that dwells in the city that even heartless men are happy exists. Calyn was one of those very special people. Old, wonderful, and she would never turn away a hungry or homeless child. Yet, on that day the gods were cruel, and an inferno lit up the Sunset quarter, killing dozens of orphans, citizens, and Calyn herself. The orphanage managed to stay standing, though repair took fifteen days to complete, making it accessible once more on the 68th of Fall. The place is now run by a short woman, notably an Isur of mysterious roots. Where she is younger, more athletic, and more beautiful than Calyn, she's not the woman everyone cared for. There are even rumors that she's in allegiance with the Night Eyes.


The Poor

The poor section of the Quarter consists of residents that fall into the lowest ranking of the low class, living wages to wages with little to nothing left over, stretching what ever pay they receive to last them for the season. The rich of the poor, having clothing upon their backs though it may not be clean, and food in their bellies every night whether it be cold, stale, or moldy. They live in their homes either in groups, all chipping in to maintain the home, with their families, or by themselves with dusty blankets and rotting beds. This is the life when compared to the life lived in the other sections. This is as good as it could get.

The Poorer

Consisting of old rundown houses and apartments with boarded or no windows, the citizens of this section experience a good slice of the hardships that come with living in the slums. Further back into the depths of the alleys, they rarely get to visit the city unless it's a good reason or planned trip. They wear old torn clothing stained with whatever was picked up where they walked. They share homes with strangers, rooms filled with few beds and many spots on the floor cleared for each person to sleep on. Fights often break out over sleeping arrangements, beds and floor spaces often being taken by other occupants or someone that is new to the home. Possessions can be stolen or rummaged through whilst one is sleeping, though many learn to live in harmony with each one another, it's every person for themselves. Some nights they go without eating, are mainly harassed by thugs and troublemakers and are highly frowned upon by the higher classes outside of the Quarter.

The Poorest

Also known as the homeless section of the Quarter holds those that have fallen hard from the pedestal of society. It mainly consists of alleyways filled with homeless men, women, children and animals alike. If a person is this deep into the Quarter, they either live here, are lost, or are looking for someone or some form of information. Banded together, the homeless make themselves somewhat as a small community, looking out for one another, constantly wandering the city learning information and selling it to whoever has the most coin. They sleep on the ground, huddled together, with their animals, or whatever they can find to cover with. Food is scarce unless it can be stolen or one is wild enough to eat anything or anyone, and winter is always harsh upon them. They are humble people, wearing ragged clothing and smelling of piss. Many fights breaking out over sleeping grounds (territory) and newfound treasures (shineys). In this part of the Quarter is filled with burned down or destroyed buildings. If not here, the homeless also frequent the main roads, begging for miza, food, and anything else they can get. The people are often used for cheap labor and other services. A man with no miza to his name will work for just about anything.

Locations of Interest

The Orphanage

If one wishes to escape the violence and mistrust of the city of Sunberth and live behind the protection of large iron gates, they could try proving themselves useful enough for the Sunset Quarters Orphanage. Recently owned by Cayln, this is the only significant building left standing from the fire that had claimed many buildings and lives from the Quarter. Currently owned and operated by Jillene Ironside, it houses orphans and those who are able to prove themselves to be of use around the building and able to pay rent. Having a piece of the building being of old and new since being rebuilt from the fire, the structure stands three stories tall, one of the highest standing buildings in all of Sunberth. Upon passing the gates that block the entrance to the yard, and entering the building, one would notice the square lobby with two staircases to both sides of the door.

At both sides of the medium sized room are two conjoining rooms that act as a lobby and playroom for orphans and tenants alike. To the back of the room is the dining room that holds many tables and a countertop for holding food waiting to be served. To the back of the dining room lies a kitchen filled with barrels and crates mostly that are empty along with two large furnaces and boiling pots for cooking. On both sides of the kitchen are storage rooms where more supplies, spices, and herbs sit in containers.

The first floor belongs to those of importance to the orphanage. Jillene, and other staff members along with other tenants for a price. The second floor belongs to the orphans, each room filled with a row of eight beds on each side. The third floor is used to room tenants who in turn pay rent to Jillene who uses the money towards the orphanage for food, supplies, renovations and whatever else is needed. Outside there is a small one-bedroom home on the orphan grounds used as a shed for supplies and such.

Staff and NPCs

Orphanage Heads

Quarters Occupants

  • Dorris - A sweet old woman that helps the needy
  • Pate Wormhand - Drug Dealer and Orphan King currently competing with Jillene
  • Rats - The Hobo King

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