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Cea Oceangem

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Cea Oceangem
RaceHuman, Svefra
Date of birth488 AV (aged 35)
Place of birthSouth Suvan Sea
Sea Navigation49
Wilderness Survival27
Gnosis marks

Cea is a member of the Oceangem Pod. She is an adventurous soul, who enjoys wandering off and exploring. Cea can be found swimming with marine life of all kinds, or examining a new discovery, bringing any new plant life she finds to her Ceta to test for medicinal qualities. Having often ventured onto Islands, Cea was learned about various terrains as she gathers plants for her sister. She is friendly, but discreet about personal matters. She stands about 5'8, with curling black hair, usually damp from her expeditions, which can take up to days at a time. With her dislike for conflict, she is more on the informative side in a combative situation. To contribute to the Pod, Cea does the majority of the fishing, catching fish every few days. Half sister to Ceta, Cea's name is also derived from Cetacea.