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A Lone Cicerone

The Cicerone are the men and women of Black Rock who have devoted their lives to the task of guiding their spectral neighbors on to the next life. They often appear rather unkempt and quite rough around the edges, but this only due to the fact that their life and home is attached to their bovine companions, Fargholian Cattle. Though they often linger around the Administration Office on the island to pick up work, they live navigating the oft times treacherous landscape of the island, they live off what sparse parts of the land they can, and carry the rest of what they need upon their Fargs as they circle the island aiding and calming ghosts.



The Cicerone have been on the island almost as long as Dira's Omens have. Their time can be dated back to a single great man that heard of an isle for the dead, and refused to take it for a legend. He was no spiritist, nor devote Follower of Dira, but a common carpenter and woodsman that wished to find the ghosts of his wife and children, burned in a house fire. He used all of his and meager resources to get himself to Black Rock, where he found the cliff sides steep and difficult to climb, and noticed the island looked practically uninhabited. He did not stop climbing until he reached the strangely intricate peak of the island, his hands and feet bloody, clothing torn, and was greeted by none other than the perpetually silent Omens. They guided him to Dira's temple, where the Goddess looked down upon him, and heard his desires. In truth, he was the first living unmarked follower of Dira to journey to the island and survive. She granted him housing within her temple, allowing him to restore himself, and once that was done, he was free to roam the island at his leisure, a tricky, and dangerous task. There were many Ghosts on Black Rock, but the Carpenter did not find his family. Refusing to give up, however, he began to ply his trade, fashioning bridges from driftwood to cross ravines, learning to carve and work with stone to create safer paths around the island. It was difficult and endless work, but the man did it, certain that if he reached every corner of the isle he would find what he sought.

As the years went by, the man learned a thing or two of spiritism, and shaped himself into the first Cicerone, though the title would come much later. Some are willing to say that he plied trade with the Myrians, brought other living to the island, others say those changes took more time and people, and that the man, while dedicated, simply went insane, never finding what he had sought after working so hard for so long. Regardless, it was he who taught others the tricks of getting around the island, and though his name has been lost to time, his story lives on amidst the Cicerone that inhabit the island today.

Ethics and Attitude

The Cicerone as a whole are a pleasant and sociable lot because a portion of their job is being a travel guide to visitors of the island. There are a few among their ranks that shun such a task and are unwelcoming to strangers, but this is a vast minority. Though not enforced by the Cicerone themselves, stealing and leading traveler's astray is very frowned upon. Most might think from an outside perspective that they have the perfect opportunity to do such a thing, but all you need remember is the omniscient power of the Omen's when your mind begins to stray. The organization is welcoming and friendly to all, the dead and living, friend's and strangers, and as a whole are also very supportive of one another, whether you're a veteran to the task or brand new to the title, if you find a Cicerone, you have found a friend.

Hierarchy of the Cicerone

For the most part, being a Cicerone is a one title and one rank job. Once you are one, you stay that way until death, or some strange circumstances force you to depart the Isle, in which case all Cicerone are required to receive a pardon for Dira for breaking their service to her and the Ghosts of Black Rock.

Despite this there are options for a Cicerone upon the island. Bridges and pathways are in constant need of maintenance and repair, certain ghosts require higher levels of Spiritism and finesse, and sometimes visitors to the island are even needier than ghosts needing to pass on. For this reason a Cicerone can specialize in a particular field of skills and practices. This determines what kind of jobs they receive from the Administration Office, and translates to a strange sort of ranking within the group.

Title Specialization Useful Skills
Escort Escorts focus in keeping the peace on the island, both between the living and dead, the various races of inhabitants, and newcomers to the island. They as a whole believe it is better to keep the Omens from having to show their power, and thus act as peacekeepers and go between's in racial disputes. Ghosts often flock to them, as they always have on ear open for anyone in need. Socialization, Rhetoric, Persuasion, Leadership, Spiritism
Wanderer Wanderer's are survivalist's to the core. They will lead people to the remotest parts of the area, have no trouble traversing the Black Marsh, and are willing to go after the most stubborn and hostile Ghosts, in an effort to help them move on. They will get the job done no matter how long it takes. Wilderness Survival, Herbalism, Medicine, Intimidation, Spiritism
Mason A Mason is an individual that travels the width and breadth of Black Rock repairing what needs to be fixed. Aiding Ghosts is of course a priority, but so is keeping the trails and paths through the island passable and...relatively safe for the living. Masonry, Carpentry, Construction, Climbing, Wilderness Survival, Spiritism

Prerequisites for Becoming a Cicerone

Any race except Nuit's and Ghosts can become a Cicerone. Though some Cicerone have perished and returned as Ghosts, they are not allowed to continue their duties, it is for the living Cicerone to help the dead pass on, when they die, if needed a Cicerone will help them, and so on, as the cycle should be.

One is not specifically trained before they become a Cicerone, if you have the appropriate skills a short and rather informal swearing into the order happens with others who are around at the time, and your work simply begins. The Cicerone believe that experience is the best teacher, though they will gladly offer aid and advice if it is sought.

To qualify for the Position of Cicerone you must have the following skills or be working towards them:

  • 30 in Spiritism
  • 20 in Wilderness Survival
  • 10 in Animal Husbandry
  • 10 in an applicable skill of your choice (can be discussed with local ST)

Once you become a Cicerone you are bestowed with a young or adolescent Fargholian calf (PC's choice) and a thick tattered black cloak from one of your Cicerone predecessors.

These skills will allow you to become a base level Cicerone, in order to classify for one of the specializations, you must have at least 40 in Spiritism, be competent in at least 2 of the listed skills of your specialization, and expert in one. These skills can be discussed with your local ST as replacements and alternatives to the specialized skills can be found.

When you join a more specialized Cicerone enclave, a more formal gathering is held in a location unique to each grouping. A few words are spoken about the Cicerone in question, and he or she is bestowed a thicker new cloak, still black, but lined with white silk. It is custom for the advancing Cicerone to bestow a gift or two to those who have helped them most in their journey up, and then a small feast is held. It is said the more Ghosts that come to such events, the more successful of a Cicerone they will be in the days ahead.


Dira is of course the highest and most revered deity the Cicerone follow. They also avidly worship Tanroa, and Kihala, and many deities are brought in from a Cicerone's experiences before they joined the order. Natural deities such as Makutsi, Caiyha, and Laviku are largely worshiped as well.


Un-specialized Cicerone are paid 5 GM per day, while Cicerone who have entered a specialization are paid 9 GM per day.