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Fargholian Cattle

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Fargholian Cattle
Black Rock Fauna
Major featuresDistinct black and white coats
Abilitiessuperior milk for soulmist, extremely calm personalities
Most common inOnly On Black Rock



Despite all of the conflicting stories, cultures, and varying racial disputes that arise on the island, the story of how the first Fargholian Cattle were born is almost without any variations and wholly agreed upon across the isle. The tale is one of an exiled Myrian who could not bring themselves to kill a group of Charoda that had washed upon the coast of Falyndar after a particularly violent hurricane. She traveled to Black Rock in disgrace, and for many years, had little to do with any of its inhabitants, only going to Dira's Temple to pray regularly. Rude, reclusive, and impatient, the Myrian female contributed nothing to the island, and refused to call it home until one fateful day when she slipped and fell off of a rocky path down the Crag, and ended up dead. Returning as a Ghost, the woman's eyes were opened to the wonders of the Black Isle. She met and conversed with Cicerones, all open and willing to listen and talk with her. More years passed and she found more joy in death than she had in life, taunting Dhani in the Black Marsh, enjoying raucous parties with the Svefra on the docks, and even visiting the Charoda from time to time to listen to their beautiful language sung beneath the waters. She stayed on the island for many many years, unwilling to move on, as well as unsure of how to do so.

Seeking help from a master spiritist and Cicerone, she found her answer by calling upon the followers of Caiyha in the Ukalas. What she wanted more than anything was to contribute something to the island before she passed, something she had been too selfish to do when she was living. Her need and prayers got the attention of both Caiyha and Dira, to whom the woman had always been devote to in life and death. Dira appeared before her, saying that her request would be granted if she was willing to move on, and never gaze upon the gift she would bestow upon the island. Without hesitation the woman agreed, and she returned to the cycle, fading from death into a new life. Before the Spiritist that had helped her, Caiyha placed two calves, one male, one female with stark and beautiful black and white markings. Farg was the name of the female Myrian, and the much loved nickname of what the spiritist dubbed Fargholian Cattle, the cow calf of which he kept with him till her dying breath knowing that Dira had put the cattles namesake's soul inside of that calf.


Fargholian Cattle are a stocky distinctive breed of cattle found only upon Black Rock. Smaller than most cows they range in weight from 1,000 to 1,500 lbs all possessing the distinct white coats with large black splotches on their stomach, nose, and ears. Both bulls and cows grows horns, but they normally don't extend past a foot to a foot and a half in length. Their fur is quite short, thick, and course.


Fargholian Cattle are only found upon Black Rock, there are only a few hundred in existence and the living of the island treasure their cattle dearly. It is difficult to become a breeder and caretaker for the Fargs, but one who devotes the time to it is always well respected upon the isle.

Social Structure

Fargholian Cattle numbers are so few that they do not breed in the wild. As a whole the cows are born and raised specifically for the Cicerone, who bond with a calf or young steer or cow and that is whom they spend the majority of their life with. When too old to navigate the treacherous pathways and bridges that span the island they are either slaughtered by their Cicerone or returned to the breeders depending on the beliefs of the Cicerone that has to face such a decision. As such Fargs are very sociable to people, and very little can phase them. They are born and bred around ghosts, and since they accompany a Cicerone from a young age are involved in sometimes tumultuous and violent events revolving around them, only furthering tempering their lack of reaction to ghosts.

Diet and Tendencies

Fargholian Cattle are a hardy breed, a necessary trait because of the relative lack of much edible fauna native to the Isle of Death. They are able to consume multiple plants that would be poisonous to any other living being on the island, and are content to chew on the driest grasses, reeds, moss, and even tree bark. Though the Fargs can subsist off of very little, Cicerone pride themselves on caring for their companions as best as they can, for this reason grains for the cattle are imported from Falyndar, generally harvested and brought by Myrians, and usually a Cicerone has a couple bags of feed upon their Farg in case of emergency or to supplement their otherwise bland diet.

Additional Information

Apart from being bred for the Cicerone, Fargs are above average milk producers and dairy products made from their milk are common and much loved across the island. Spiritists working with Farg milk will find their soulmist slightly more potent and appealing to ghosts than if from other cattle or milk producing animals.