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Image:Scroll2.png "If this is freedom, then why are we all still here?"
- Tov'hain Mopmetnos, to the Others

Date of birth68 BV (aged 591)
Place of birthAlahea

Dakrad was known as Tov'hain Mopmetnos before Drainira's escape from Sahova. He is one of the Nuits involved in secretly smuggling and assembling explosives in the Citadel. Though he never questioned Zarik Mashaen's authority, it is later revealed that Tov'hain supported Drainira, and was aware of her plans to destroy Sahova. He has been severely punished for his rebellion and has been prevented to perform any personal and world magic, though he claims he has found a way to use magic without wielding it himself.


Dakrad is a small thin man with long gray hair that is usually held inside a turban on his head. His small deep-set eyes sit above a long, crooked nose.


Even before becoming a Nuit, Tov'hain had been described as somewhat "dead inside". Prior to being a "selected" participant of Project Sahova, he was revealed to be very antagonistic towards Mashaen, disagreeing with most of the Animation principles that the Court Mage promulgated. After being turned into undead, he became very supportive of the Archwizard, and was in fact, effectively the second best when it came to creating golems in the Citadel.

Throughout the years that he has stayed in Sahova, Drainira played with him, and subliminally induced him to rebel. She involved him in her plot to escape Sahova, masquerading her selfish intentions as her way to help set Tov'hain "free". Under the golem's control, Tov'hain willingly learned Hacking to conspire against Sahova in the pursuit of freedom. He is responsible for tinkering many of Sahova's golems. He willingly organized some of the Nuits to create explosive devices, some of which are still hidden in the Citadel.

When Drainira escaped, half her plan was spoiled by an Isur named Ialari Pythone. With the bombing of the Citadel unsuccessful, some of rebels tried to flee Sahova. Lector Qiao immediately unleashed his own followers among them, and Tov'hain was among the first to be captured. He was held captive by Tograkar before he was brought to Lector Qiao to be questioned. He defected to Qiao's authority, without any inclination to carry out loyalty. He was imprisoned, later tortured physically and mentally, but through devious golem hacking, he escaped the Dungeons. He was caught again by Tograkar, no sooner than the moment he stepped outside the walls of Sahova. Lector Qiao decreed him to be lobotomized, and was imprisoned once again, this time shackled with an Antimagic device that Qiao himself made. With no access to both personal and world magic, Tov'hain is now called Dakrad, which meant "thoroughly broken" in the Ancient Tongue.

Dakrad can be found wandering in the Citadel's Courtyards after the sun had set. He is reported to speak to himself, and he claims to be speaking with the "Others" - one could assume these are the ghosts of Sahovan residents who refused to leave the Citadel even after their death. Considering that he had all but lost any connection to magic, it is possible that he has turned into a lunatic.


He has a distant look in his eyes and is often considered as someone absorbed in his own world. He is usually found in the Courtyard of Sahova communing with the Others, a collective entity known to be his very own set of imaginary friends, during the wee hours of the night. Though his consciousness seem to be wandering, he will engage conversation with anyone who comes across his path. He would ask the person, "They want to know if you are free. Are you free?" If the person answers yes, he will ask again, "If you are free, they ask, why are you still here?" If the person answers no, or anything not in the affirmative, he says instead, "Rejoice, for they say that it will only be a matter of time."

Dakrad has been known to "talk to" people who join him in his nightly walks. Instead of talking directly to the person, however, he speaks for the Others, and delivers their messages.

He is scared of Qiao and Tograkar, often running away, albeit lamely, at the sight of them.